Everything You Need To Know About Super Bowl Games

Everything You Need To Know About Super Bowl Games
Everything You Need To Know About Super Bowl Games
Everything You Need To Know About Super Bowl Games

Before one steps into knowing about the history and coming of super bowl games 2017, let us just begin with what super bowl games is all about? Super bowl games are the annual championship of the National Football League (NFL). The game was culminated as a part of the merger agreement of the NFL and the then rival league, American Football league (AFL). To identify the series of each game, roman numerals are used.

Well, that was about Super Bowls as a term. Moving on to the history of super bowl games, which dates back to the 1920’s. After four decades of fending the game against their rivals, NFL came across its most evident competitor AFL in the year 1960. Initially both the teams along with their individual fan followings led terrific games, with true sportsmanship. Later on they merged together and formed a merger agreement that led to Super Bowl Games.



There have been a varied number of stories and news making a hula-hoop about the trademark of Super Bowls. It is said that NFL, in the year 2006 tried to trademark “The Big Game”, however later on in the 2007, they withdrew due to commercial and public-relations opposition to the move.

Not just this, there is yet another cliché about the super bowls, the use of the phrase “world champions”. This is a title that is often mocked by the non-Americans, since Super Bowls is a championship of its kind. Therefore, there were series, which had its rings reading “World Champions”. This title was officially originated in the World Series of Baseball.

Everything You Need To Know About Super Bowl Games
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Despite these stories making a round, this sport is a very popular one among the sports lovers and especially the footballers. They get to see another champion’s league with a different variety overall. The fan followings in this game are magnificent. Their home jersey ahs got a fact behind it, 49 years, as a part of the league’s 75th anniversary celebration, super bowl used their 1957 throwback uniform in Super bowl XXIX, which for that year was their regular home jersey. No team has yet worn a third jersey or the Color Rush uniform for the super bowl game.

Today, the super bowls provide huge ratings to the television channels, proving it to be one of the most watched annual sporting around the globe. For a number of years super bowls have been dealing to be a great telecast and gathers a huge number of spectators. The NFL claims super bowl to gather an audience of about a billion in over two hundred countries.

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