Watch how this girl is thrown from a bridge

Watch how this girl is thrown from a bridge
Watch how this girl is thrown from a bridge

One of her ‘friends’ throws her from a bridge 18 meters high.

A teenager from Washington named Jordan Holgerson was at a well to swim last Tuesday, and there she began to consider whether or not to jump to the Lewis River from an 18-meter high bridge. But once he was on the edge of the bridge, he realized how extremely tall he was, and thought that, after all, he really did not feel like falling three stories tall, reports the KGW8 television station.

Unfortunately, one of her “friends” had a different idea.

Instead of doing normal things like, you know, respecting Holgerson’s choice and offering her hand to help her get back from the safe side of the railing, KGW8 reported that her “friend” simply decided to take matters into her own hands, pushing Holgerson and sending it in a dive directly to the river.

In the video of the incident, Holgerson says repeatedly, “no, I will not launch,” just before we see a woman put her hands on her back and push her. The unexpected fall broke her ribs and sent her to the hospital, where she is recovering at this moment.

“I have five broken ribs, air bubbles in my chest and a punctured lung,” he later told KGW8 from PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center in Vancouver, Washington. “He could have died,” he added.

It is not clear who the woman was exactly, or why she thought it would be fun to push Holgerson while she literally said “no”, but the Clark County Sheriff’s Office opened an investigation to decide whether it is possible to consider the push as a crime. However, there is no discussion as to the fact that it was simply extreme stupidity.

Leaving aside all the legal issues, Holgerson told the KGW8 that his “friend” had already apologized, but an apology does not cure a torso full of broken ribs.

“I’m very angry with her,” Holgerson’s mother, Genelle, said in an interview with the Daily News. “She’s an adult, and I’m sure she should have thought better of things, she could have killed my daughter.”

It should be obvious, but: friends do not push their friends from bridges. Sure, friends can make stupid jokes among themselves or help each other meet very stupid challenges, but this went too far. The next time you get bored waiting for your friend to jump off a dangerous shore or whatever, maybe you should take a deep breath and think about the golden rule of friendship: try not to be a complete idiot.

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