Rey King makes his followers dance to the rhythm of Yako


Known in the music industry and the hip hop scene as Rey King, this singer debuts the release of Yako, the name of his new single, which is full of modern and catchy sounds. Just two weeks after its premiere on digital platforms, Yako already has many reproductions, which makes the interpreter happy, who in turn spoke more details about it, in addition to sharing great surprises that he has prepared in the music.

Yako’s rhythm
Happy is how the singer is with the launch of his song. In addition, he assures that people are commenting on it a lot and have been involved in the subject, and he even already has a yako challenge. Rey King described his new single as a very danceable song, with a sandunguero and perreo rhythm, something he had not done before, but which in turn has a special flavor. He stressed that the producer of Yako is a Colombian and a great friend of his. They both created this theme for people to dance to and enjoy.

His passage through music
The singer’s artistic life has gone through different stages. In his teens, he started rapping and became aware that he wanted to dedicate himself to music. At the age of 14, he always freestyle with friends on the streets and parties. In high school, he made his first recordings in his father’s studio and created his first band, Definity, with which he recorded a full album and played in numerous shows. As time went by, he decided that he wanted to be an artist and producer, and that was how more doors were opened for him. Rey King met important people, was nominated for a Grammy as a songwriter, and has dedicated himself to working with rappers of the greats, and using all that experience and putting that energy into it is how today he combines both facets.

He yearns to connect with people through his music
Among his many achievements, Rey King has had the opportunity to work alongside Farruko and be on important stages. Although for many it seems great, for the singer it is still the process of something that he wants to get to later. Well, he assured that when new artists have asked him what it is like to work with the great ones, it causes him great satisfaction and motivates him to keep going. Sure of the potential that his music has to sweep the world by storm and sing it in two languages, English and Spanish, Rey King wants to go very far, make collaborations with the world’s greatest artists and be at a level where he can connect with the people.

‘It enters’ to collaborations
After the good taste in his mouth that was left in 2020 by the collaboration he made with Aarón and his Grupo Ilusión by merging their talents and singing Morena together, Rey King shared regarding that theme of musical fusions and revealed that a rap corrido is coming very soon, mixed with trap, in which artists from different parts of the world participate. He mentioned that the song is titled La Vuelta and it is a very interesting fusion, with a spicy seasoning, which will tentatively be launching in two months, accompanied, of course, by his music video.

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