Kudos to S.S.Rajamouli for bringing to life Indian cinemas first epic Baahubali 2 Movie Review

bahubali 2
bahubali 2

Why Kattapa.. Why?? A question probably 1.4+ billion people have been quizzed about for the past 2 years.. Well, I assure you, the wait for that answer was worth more than the stunts, songs or a budget of 2.5 billion INR.. It probably was a combination of one of the most emotionally and frustratingly epic scene I’ve ever witnessed in Indian cinema.. Just the grandeur of that one scene gave for some goosebumps; for some a prolonged tear jerker; and for some absolute silence with awe.

The Conclusion is helmed on 5 shoulders.. #Prabhas, #Sathyaraj, #RanaDaggubati, #AnushkaShetty and #RamyaKrishan, who have all done their parts well. But the strength of the movie is Prabhas who literally lived the character. The support cast have all done their parts brilliantly.

3 hours 15 minutes: Having watched it in Bahrain, I was surrounded with the thrill of sitting in a cinema in India; whistles, claps and howls of joy; every scene was celebrated.

This movie had a good mix of soulful songs, witty one liners, amazing sound effects, bgm, beautiful locations (both original and visually created), grand sets, hard hitting stunts and touching moments placed aptly.

I had read earlier that the VFX is in par with #TheLordOfTheRings and #HarryPotter.. I would say it is top notch for Indian cinema.

Although I did not understand a word, I watched this movie in the language it was conceived – Telugu. Wanted to keep it as original as possible. It was a challenge coordinating the scene with the subs, but if I’m still recommending it, you must understand how good this movie must have been.

Kudos to S.S.Rajamouli for bringing to life Indian cinemas first epic.. A theatrical must watch for all.. #Enjoy

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