Who is Rkomi: age, Instagram, real name, girlfriend and what she did before success

Do you know who Rkomi is? Let’s find out her age, Instagram, real name, girlfriend and what she did before success.


In light of the musical show The Year to Come, which will be broadcast on Rai 1 on New Year’s Eve, we get to know the faces we will see on stage better, including the young Rkomi, do you know who he is?

We shall welcome the coming of 2022 in the name of Italian music tonight. Following President Sergio Mattarella’s traditional end-of-year statement, we will be entertained by a variety of guests on Rai 1.

Among the numerous guests are Arisa, Achille Lauro, Nek, and many more, as well as the young rapper Rkomi. The musician is well-known among the youth and is regarded as a rising star on the peninsula’s music scene.
While we wait to see him on stage tonight, let’s learn more about him, beginning with his personal life and on to his job.


Who is Rkomi? age, real name, girlfriend, Instagram and her life before success

Rkomi, a Milanese rapper born in 1994, is a pseudonym and anagram of Mirko Manuele Martorana. Tedua, a friend, coworker, and roommate, also helped him make his debut. Despite his roots in the rap music industry, from which he draws numerous influences, Rkomi favours a hybrid of rap and indie music. We may enjoy photographs of the singer on stage or backstage of his music videos, including the hit Taxi Driver video, on his Instagram profile, which has over 800,000 followers.


We don’t know much about his personal life because he doesn’t want to talk about it. It’s unclear whether he has a partner, but based on his Instagram page, Rkomi appears to be single.

Except for his boyhood buddy Tedua, whom he regards to be a brother, he speaks very little about the loved ones around him. But do you know what Rkomi did before success overtook him? The singer dropped out of hospitality school at the age of 17 without graduating.

He was already certain that music would be his career path. However, before success swamped him, he had to work as a bricklayer, dishwasher, and bartender to support himself.

Among his most well-known collaborations are those with Elodie, Gazzelle, Madame, and many more.

Rkomi, did you know? We’ll see him tonight on the stage of The Year, which will air on Rai 1.

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