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IBAC is looking into a picture leak regarding Dani Laidley

Victoria’s anti-corruption commission is looking into accusations that police officers shared a secret picture of former AFL coach Dani Laidley with transphobic comments once again.


The Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission is seeking anyone with evidence on claims that an unsolicited image of Dani Laidley at the races was sent through text message.

The picture was shot on November 6 during the Ballan Cup at Geelong Racecourse and was posted “with transphobic sentiments,” according to IBAC.

“IBAC is requesting that any member of the public or police officers who observed the picture being taken, or who has knowledge regarding the photo in a text message being transmitted or received, contact IBAC,” it stated.

The commission plays an important role in independently supervising Victoria Police to ensure personnel is held responsible.

According to a Victoria Police spokesman, the department is “unaware of the origin of the picture or any accompanying messages” made by officers.

“Furthermore, we have not received any specifics of the allegedly engaged members,” she said.

Anyone who has a complaint about police wrongdoing is “strongly encouraged” to contact the Professional Standards Command or IBAC, so that it may be examined, according to the spokeswoman.

The new investigation comes barely six months after Victoria Police ordered 11 officers to pay Dani Laidley thousands of dollars after photographs of her mug shot were released.

According to court filings, the mug image was posted in a police WhatsApp group along with transphobic comments.

Three police officers have been charged with a variety of offenses in connection with the suspected leak.

Dani Laidley, previously known as Dean, played for North Melbourne in the 1996 Premiership and coached the Kangaroos from 2003 to 2009.

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