Karine Lalieux’s idea for pension reform will be published “very soon” in the federal budget.

Pensions Minister Karine Lalieux (PS) informed the House Tuesday evening during budget deliberations that she will deliver her pension reform plan to parliament “very soon.”


Karine Lalieux has been developing a pension reform strategy since the legislature’s inception. Measures were leaked to the public last autumn, sparking outrage among several coalition partners who claimed they were unaware. Tuesday evening, it is rather ” the calm ” around the file, as Wim Van der Donckt (N-VA) and Ellen Samyn have noted (Vlaams Belang). According to them, the 2022 budget would have almost no provision for pensions.

” It’s a poor interpretation of the budget,” the minister responded. The reform’s first step has already been implemented, with the rise in minimum pensions. ” And it was a critical component, ” Karine Lalieux remarked. “With 1.2 billion euros, a sizable sum, we will ensure that the net minimum pension reaches 1,500 euros and that these individuals may live in dignity.

Pension reform would be submitted to parliament “very shortly,” the minister guaranteed. ” We’re looking into it.” Karine Lalieux also promised that in the first quarter of 2022, she will introduce a federal strategy to combat poverty.

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