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After Beating KV Kortrijk In Overtime, KV Mechelen Advanced To The Croky Cup Semi-Finals For The First Time


For the semi-finals of the Belgian Cup, KV Mechelen has chosen the drenched Guldenspor stadium. In the final minute of play, Sandy Walsh scored the game’s lone goal. In addition to the prior evening’s excellent non-sports-related news, the capital rise provides a tremendous boost to the evening’s athletic events.

Last month of January will be crucial for KV Kortrijk as they face off against Seraing, KV Mechelen, and Ostend. To face KV Mechelen, however, Kerels head coach Bernd Storck, who had already won his first two matches as head of the team, just sent his own team into the meadow. Even Steven Defour did not feel like rotating due to personal reasons. Since last weekend’s loss in Waregem was rather dismal, he decided to play the same eleven players in Kortrijk. Gustav Engvall’s inclusion in the competition team again after missing time in August was a welcome development. In addition, Frederic Soelle Soelle, who had just turned 17 at the time, was a prominent member of the bank’s incredibly youthful staff.

David Bates started the first commotion in a game that got off to a poor start. He put the ball narrowly wide of his own goal after miscommunicating with goalie Thoelen. For the Scottish defender, it was a rough first 45 minutes. After referee Jasper Vergoote made a drawing error on Selemani on the edge of the box, he was able to escape unscathed. Thoelen was called upon to shine once more after Bruno tried his luck and Avenatti missed a golden opportunity by heading the ball wide. Nonetheless, the visitors finished the first half on a high note, creating the better scoring opportunities. Malede was unable to make contact with Nikola Storm’s low cross. Few minutes later, Malinwa even made a triple huge opportunity. Watanabe cleared Bates’ rebound off the line after it was saved by Vandenberghe when Van Hoornbeeck shot at the goal from close range. Malede sent a curling effort in the equaliser just wide.


LIVE: KV Kortrijk escapes after a triple giant chance for KV Mechelen | Croky  Cup 2022/


Winner Walsh


KV Kortrijk blijft doortrainen na de reguliere competitie - Voetbalnieuws |


Quickly following the half, KV Kortrijk’s Bruno presented a golden opportunity. Thoelen’s shot went straight to Sych’s foot, but the defender sent the ensuing rebound well over the bar. Mechelen, too, quickly made a fantastic opportunity for itself. Nice teamwork ultimately resulted in a missed opportunity when Da Cruz kicked Walsh’s pinpoint cross wide. Bruno’s amazing bicycle try just past the hour missed Thoelen’s goal by a metre. With Schoofs on the other side, a place ball was easily handled by Vandenberghe. Meanwhile, Storck had thrown Wasinksi and Regali, two newbies, to the lions. Van Hecke arrived in Mechelen to take over for the dedicated Malede. In a soggy and disadvantaged second half, both teams seemed content with playing an extra period.

Nonetheless, seven seconds before the clock hit 90, it occurred. With help from Da Cruz and Hairemans, KV Mechelen’s right back Sandy Walsh blew them away in the quarterfinals. It was KV Kortrijk’s sixth loss in the quarterfinals in the last ten years. The away crowd heard, “One thing is certain, we will win the Cup.” For the eleventh time in the club’s history, KV Mechelen advances to the semifinals. In addition to the prior evening’s excellent non-sports-related news, the capital rise provides a tremendous boost to the evening’s athletic events.

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