Iván Tapia loyalty to Caruso Lombardi

Ivan Tapia

Iván Tapia expressed his feelings; he dedicated it to his family, particularly to Caruso, without explicitly addressing him. “It is in retaliation for Ricardo’s disparaging remarks about us…”


Iván Tapia is not the only one who celebrates and celebrates Barracas’s growth. He is also the son of Chiqui Tapia, the AFA’s president and an unavoidable reference when discussing Barracas. Additionally to securing his penalty in the definition, the left-hander did not forget the criticism they experienced during the tournament… And by naming him, he made his message to Caruso Lombardi quite plain.


Following the game analysis, it came time for the dedications, and Tapia was unambiguous: “This is for my elderly father, my elderly mother, and my whole family. And allow me to dedicate it in particular to a buddy, Ricardo, who was disparaging this group and club. He stated that they had all been corrected. Salutations to Ricardo, who must be a bit enraged “‘.



Caruso was quite harsh for Barracas Central at several points during the tournament. “I directed Primera for 11 years and have now been appointed to direct Nacional B. This category contains games about which I have a good idea of the outcome. Everyone, including myself. There are referees who you are aware will attend specific games… The trainers They are adamant about not going to court. They are terrified to speak because they have been eliminated. I addressed it to the people and informed them that Mr. Tapia, who has refused to address me for two years and ten months, was waiting for this match to end. me and to Belgrano. And Tapia will vehemently deny it to me.”


Plus? Yes, significantly more. “Referees are held captive by the leaders. And we, the referees’ captives. Barracas won three games against adversity. It’s quite difficult to play in this manner. If you want to get promoted, that is ok with me, but do not need us to travel. We were in Cordoba at the time of the 1-Belgrano 0 barracks.”

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