Avengers 4 : These are the new suits that Iron Man, Captain America and company could wear

Without even knowing the title that the film will take, nor a mere breakthrough, Marvel fans have had to contain their hype for ‘Avengers 4’ since it premiered ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. A wait that many are being eternal, however much there are movies like ‘Captain Marvel’ or even ‘Venom’ (from Marvel but outside the Marvel Cinematic Universe) to help mitigate the thirst for superheroes. However, something much better than the official name or even a teaser has come to light; the costumes that could carry several of the heroes in the movie. And, best of all, is that they are not seen so far.

For starters, we will analyze, one by one, the different kits that have been filtered through Reddit (although not very clearly) and that, fortunately for many fans, could support the well-known theory that there will be a trip in time to past of the Avengers. Beginning with one of the great leaders of the initiative, Captain America could wear a suit similar to the one he wore but highlighting the mythical scales of the chain mail. The Capi will want to be prepared to protect the survivors of Thanos’ snap and even to try to confront him. On the other hand, in the images you can also see a great improvement in the War Machine armor, which curiously resembles more the design that Robert Downey Jr. took in the first ‘Iron Man’.

But it is not the characters of Chris Evans and Don Cheadle who have monopolized all the comments of the fans, but Iron Man and Hawkeye. The first we have seen with a design that has enthused fans for its similarity to that of the first comics. The second has been the most surprising and unexpected, also because we miss Jeremy Renner in the last film. And is that as several rumors pointed, the famous archer could wear a completely different suit accompanied by a new style Mohicans style, in reference to when Hawkeye had to adopt the identity of Ronin the samurai to rejoin the Avengers after the events of Civil War, something that does happen in comics and that would make a lot of sense that the Russo brothers wanted to take to the big screen.

Thanos, prepared for a second assault

In addition to the aforementioned, in the last gallery of the filtered photos you could see, although in a much more pixelated way, the concept of Thanos’s attack armor, which we hardly saw equipped in the last film, unlike the post-credits prior to ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. In addition to the powerful villain, we also see Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow returning to the redhead after the short blonde hair of the previous film, and Brie Larson in the classic costume of ‘Captain Marvel, which will only have to wait a little less for To see in

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