Avengers 4: Are you filtering the title of The Avengers 4 on Twitter?

Russo Brothers
Russo Brothers

The Russo brothers shared on Twitter a video summary of what was seen on the tapes before Avengers 4. Fans believe that a subtle ‘spoiler’ was included.

Spoiler alert! Joe and Anthony Russo are working against the time to complete Avengers 4, the movie that will tell what happened to our favorite superheroes.

As you know, this film will not only address the climactic moment of Avengers: Infinity War, but it will also end the complete history of the UCM (Marvel Cinematic Universe), at least so far. Fans, who are anxious to know what will happen in the film, have taken a recent publication of the directors on Twitter as a subtle, but important spoiler.

As the details of the film are locked under seven keys, the fans are really hungry to find out almost any detail they can about the film.

A few hours ago, the Russo brothers used their Twitter account to share with their fans a video summary of what film history has been before Avengers 4.

Be a marketing strategy to generate more anxiety among fans or not, the Russo accompanied the publication with the following message: “Avengers: Infinity War, Sacrifice.”

The reactions of fans and specialized portals did not wait, and there are many who suggest that it is the title of the new tape. However, neither the filmmakers nor anyone related to Marvel Studios has spoken about it. We can only wait until April 2019, tentative date for the premiere of Avengers 4. What do you think? Will this be the title of the expected tape?

What do you think?

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