A cocaine-fueled Christmas party, in the office and CEO writes a stunning piece to EXPOSING them

Mumbrella, a media and marketing industry publication, released an astounding piece revealing drug use during its Christmas party, which resulted in the departure of two staff members.

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  • A news source for the media sector Mumbrella confesses to drug use at a Christmas party
  • The CEO of the parent firm announced on the site that two employees had quit.
  • Tim Burrowes, the creator of Mumbrella, also remarked in his regular email.
  • He said that workers had ‘gotten into the bags’ at a North Sydney after-party.


David Longman, the CEO of Mumbrella’s parent business, Diversified Communications Australia, announced the after-party on the news organization’s website this morning.

‘Following a significant event at last year’s Sydney Christmas party, which involved Mumbrella personnel, I thought it was vital to be on the front foot and report what occurred, along with the repercussions,’ Mr Longman wrote.

Mr Longman stated that following Mumbrella’s Christmas party at North Sydney’s Green Moustache restaurant on December 9, several staff members returned to the company’s Walker Street headquarters.

A Cocaine-Fueled Christmas Party, In The Office And Ceo Writes A Stunning Piece To Exposing Them

‘During this time period, a number of staff members acquired, distributed, and used illicit narcotics,’ Mr Longman wrote.


‘The employees ranged in age from junior to senior.’ Mr Longman said the company’s human resources department launched an investigation last week after the incident came to light.


‘Unfortunately, two Mumbrella employees have resigned as a result of the probe, and several others have been cautioned. ‘Additionally, the employees will participate in a drug awareness and education programme, which I feel will have a long-term impact.’

The CEO stated that he felt compelled to publicly discuss the event due to the new site’s lengthy history of holding the media and marketing industries accountable.

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Mumbrella has raised concerns about the activities of individuals and firms that appear to be acting against the best interests of their employees, clients, and the industry as a whole,’ Mr Longman remarked. ‘Mumbrella is an outspoken advocate for diversity, culture, and a safe work environment, and is not afraid to challenge the industry to improve.


‘However, we are not flawless, and this post is written because I believe it is critical to accept responsibility for terrible mistakes made.’


Mr Longman stated that the two individuals who left were ‘valued employees who excelled in their positions and contributed to Mumbrella’s success, denying that their departures were a result of a ‘cost-cutting effort.


‘This was an uncomfortable post to write, and I want to avoid appearing on the digital pages of Mumbrella in the future,’ Mr Longman said.

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Written by Arun Sharma


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