People who have died from the virus in the last few years include 23-year-old James Kondilios and 65-year-old Christine Eross.

One of the most recent victims of the virus is James Kondilios, 23, who died at the age of 23. Christine Eross, 65, died at the age of 65.

James Kondilios 23 And Christine Eross 65

A healthy 23-year-old died this week after getting Covid-19 in a hospital. His friends and family have asked people to be careful.

James Kondilios, a well-liked young scientist and powerlifter from Canberra, died on Tuesday at St. Vincent’s Hospital, even though he had been vaccinated twice and had no other health problems.

After having a lot of problems with Covid-19, he was being treated there. His family and friends were shocked.

Julia Adamcewicz, a friend of Mr. Kondilios, said that his death was a reminder that “even the strongest and the wisest can be taken from this world before their time.”

The fight with Covid, which we’ve all been part of for the last few years, isn’t something to take lightly. Even the healthiest people can be taken away far too soon.

‘Would do anything for the people who were close to him.’

Former Waverley College student Mr. Kondilios won two bronze medals at the 2015 World Power Lifting Championships in Helsinki, Finland, where he used to train.

‘We heard he wore the Waverley sports shirt under his official Australian tracksuit for the presentation,’ the school said at the time.

It happened in 2019. He was given a national award for his work on forestry and climate change, and he graduated from the Australian National University with a master’s degree in a different field of study.

Before that, he worked as a data scientist at the Department of Social Services in Canberra for a while.

In a Facebook post, Stephen Ma, another ANU student and friend, wrote that Mr. Kondilios was “kind and sweet.” Ma also said that he was “loving and kind.”

Mr. Ma thought back to Mr. Kondilios’ last message to him, in which he said that he couldn’t have asked for a better friend.

Brother, the years I spent with you will always be important to me. You will always be on my mind, cheering me up, and giving me advice.

Mr. Kondilios was the youngest of six Covid employees who died in the last few months.

One more tragic case: Christine Eross, 65, was from South Australia and died at the age of her 65. She had been through the death of her husband, David, as well as a lot of health problems.

Ms. Eross had had several strokes and recently had neck surgery.

She died a day after she was found to be HIV positive at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, and she died soon after.

Her son, Darien, said she was “tough as nails,” but also kind and respectful.

Healthy James Kondilios, 23, died on Monday after being found to have Covid-19. Mr. Kondilos, a champion powerlifter, did not have any other health problems. Friends paid tribute to him and asked people to take him seriously. This comes after an Adelaide mother died the day after she found out she had AIDS.


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