Catherine Fulop, extorted via social media: “I had the impression they were on my gadgets”

The actress’s account was hacked, and the hackers attempted to defraud her fans.

Catherine Fulop Was Hacked And Extorted
Catherine Fulop was hacked and extorted

Catherine Fulop officially admitted last weekend that her social media accounts had been hacked. He cautioned his followers against falling for any type of fraud perpetrated on his behalf. The actress detailed how they extorted her and the amount of money they demanded in return for restoring her accounts on Tuesday.

“I have the distinct impression that I have been pummelling to death. It was really frightening to discover that they had accessed my emails. I had the impression they were on my gadgets, ” Fulop explained in a message to Los Angeles de la Maana. And soon thereafter, he described how they gained access to his Twitter and Instagram accounts: “They gained access to my Yahoo!, which I must acknowledge and blame on myself, because it used really foolish passwords and sometimes you need a password for everything,” he explained.

Additionally, ngel de Brito stated that when the actress saw what was occurring with her accounts, she requested assistance in spreading the word about what was happening to her and ensuring that no one thought the tweets requesting money were hers.

The hackers’ tweets from Catherine Fulop’s account said, “My Twitter was locked and reopened for me; at times, I would try to log in and it would ask for my password.” “I received duplicitous emails requesting the verification code; this is what not to do,” the Venezuelan said, warning the whole audience.

Concerning the extortion, the actress, who is dating Osvaldo Sabatini, said that she was able to communicate with the fraudsters. “I communicated with them, chatted with them on the phone, and they refused to stop sending me messages. They demanded $ 900 in bitcoins in exchange for the Twitter data. Three or four distinct phone numbers phoned me: one from Rosario, another from Córdoba, another from the Dominican Republic, and still another from the United States. I spoke with a gentleman who did not have a local accent; he was Latin American, and he requested that I give him the verification code. It was frightening. They were impolite, ” she said, still distraught.


Instagram will load in the frontend.

Stress caused by the stove

Not only because of this issue, but also because Fulop is a contestant on the latest season of MasterChef Celebrity, where the clock and the challenges posed by the strict jury, comprised of Germán Martitegui, Damián Betular, and Donato de Santis, force her to endure some distressing moments, such as the one last Sunday when she was on the verge of having to abandon the show’s most famous stoves.

Although she appeared to be rather confident at the start of her culinary preparations, when she completed her meal, a poor result was forecast. She was no exception to the night’s numerous tears and stress, and ended up sobbing in front of the jury, relieved to be staying but saddened to have to fire her reality partner, Marcela “la Tigresa” Acua, who was eventually the one forced to take off her apron and depart the programme.

Fulop, who was overjoyed, hugged the Tigress and her comrades and informed them: “Unfortunately, a champion is departing.” While Mery del Cerro stated that the fighter was a certain candidate to compete again once the repechage programmes began. “Marce will be missed, but Marce will return with everything, I’m certain.”

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