Omicron: Israel has announced the administration of a fourth dosage of the coronavirus vaccination.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett explained why a team of local health professionals made the decision.

On January 23 2021 At Clalit Health Services In Tel Aviv Israel A Healthcare Professional Gives A Dosage Of The Pfizer Biontech Coronavirus Vaccination To A Pregnant Lady.

Israel’s government has approved a fourth dosage of the coronavirus vaccination for health staff, immunocompromised individuals, and those over the age of 60, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett stated today.

The Pandemic Treatment Personnel, a group of local health experts, made the decision, which was announced in a statement in which the president urged his country’s populace to be vaccinated again.

“This is fantastic news that will help us combat the omicron that is sweeping the globe,” Bennett said, noting that Israel, which was the first nation to allow the use of a third dose, is reinforcing its position as a health “pioneer” with the use of the fourth.

“As with [the variation] delta, we want to be active in this wave and do all possible to win. “The world will follow us,” the premier stated on social media. Additionally, he warned the audience that while the omicron variety poses a “serious challenge,” defeating it “collectively” was conceivable.

The fourth dose may be administered at least four months after the third, the Ministry of Health noted in another statement.


Israeli health authorities have identified over 340 positive instances of the new coronavirus strain, including 170 on Tuesday, and estimate that another 800 people may be afflicted.

According to official figures, more than 4.1 million persons in the nation received three doses of coronavirus vaccine, out of a total population of 9.3 million.

In the previous 24 hours, a total of 1,323 additional cases have been found, bringing the total number of infections to nearly 1,358,000 since the pandemic began. Additionally, the virus has claimed 8,232 lives in Israel.

Simultaneously, Israel added the United States and other countries to its list of problematic travel locations, where it has imposed a travel restriction owing to the spread of the coronavirus.

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