Why Venom takes a bite out of the box office as critics and audiences clash

Why the record label Venom divides audiences and critics
Why the record label Venom divides audiences and critics

“Venom” has set a record $ 80 million after its first weekend in the US, but its score is bad, with criticism from the critics. Do you understand this paradox?

10 years later, the Marvel universe has given audiences an insight into the entertainment of film adaptations. A few hours ago, the US press reported that Venom set a box office record in October in the US with $ 80 million. In parallel, the quality of the film is underrated by audiences and critics, with a score of 31% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Reception can not be a word to describe the viewer’s response to the film, even if they rush to the cinema. After watching, most commented on the film is mixed mess with dramatic, horror, humor with a messy montage, many fairly preliminary errors. But box office success of Venom, certainly will not stop at 80 million, say what?
Funny horror scene “tight double” audience group

We are in the prime of the superhero movie line. But superheroes and movie theaters appear more than ever, and despite the anticipated “super-bored syndrome”, the movies are still in theaters and dominating the box office.

One of the most interesting debates is about the “tone” of these films, as the Marvel movie universe has created a hard-to-mix style, from superhero to superhero, and extremely entertaining.

In Venom, there is a reporter infected with parasite Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) from a luxury restaurant, where ex-girlfriend Anne (Michelle Williams) is having dinner with her new boyfriend. He had the parasite in the body manipulation should have been acting monstrous place luxury. He grabbed the food on the plate, put it in his mouth and torn it. He refrained from cutting off the guests. In the scene, he jumped into the lobster pool, grabbed a baby and ate raw.

This scene is both horror and humor, also the turning point of the film when the viewer can decide whether they are interested or disgusting film. This moment really cut off the audience into two groups. Tom Hardy has also done the best in this scene, pouring out the madness and energy that veterans like Nicolas Cage, Robin Williams and Jim Carrey have done with their roles.

A more complete portrait of Venom

With Venom’s previous appearance onscreen in Spider-Man 3, the masses have had the false impression that this character is simply evil and aggressive. Therefore, the audience easily decide that they hate this character.

In fact, Venom is always a mess, the sum of many characteristics, making people love those who hate. He cold-blooded, cut off his head like fun. But he is also quite delicate, grasp the psychology and know how to talk to others.

Directed by Ruben Fleischer, Venom created his Venom by combining Venom: Lethal Protector (1993), Venom: The Madness (1993), Venom: Sinner Takes All (1995) and Venom: The Hunger (1996). Audiences understand more about characters.

To be fair, the work of the Marvel movie universe is hard. They have to create superheroes that have been recognized by comic readers, are both trendy and connect with those who have not read manga. Marvel is often credited with audiences and critics as their superheroes on the screen who are quite loyal to the original comic book, but are also well connected with the new public.

In addition, there are some inevitable restrictions as Venom in the new film has no connection with Spider-Man, or Thor has nothing to do with Earth until 2011, or Hank Pym not responsible. What in creating Ultron, or Spider-Man must depend on the technology of Iron Man in the early career …

Comedy: Controversial style but easy to receive

With what has been announced previously, viewers easily imagine the horror of Venom but the humor, the film’s whimsy has surprised them. However, if placed in the MCU, this is perfectly reasonable, when Marvel chose the comic for Thor, Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy. Thor: Ragnarok is considered to be a real comic but very effective.

MCU makes it easy for viewers to become Marvel fans regardless of whether they have read manga or not. This is a wise direction in this age. Besides, the hardcore comic fans were not disappointed by the change in the film adaptation.

By comparison, the movie universes like Fox’s X-Men and DC superheroes, Warner Bros. Not so easy to attract new fans. Most recently, Dark Phoenix’s trailer for the X-Men superhero has sparked controversy, as the audience and many bloggers said it looked boring, lacking in action or humor.

But many viewers also pointed out that the feedback was due to too many expectations for the X-Men to return to the MCU, which was not easy. The X-Men chose a partial approach to the original comic book and did not care about all the mutants in his universe, only focusing on the most important mutants. Focusing on the relationship of Professor X and Magneto, X-Men films do not go in the way of satisfying crowds like Marvel.

Should accept a super hero living lobster

So how do you know about Venom’s bad grades while the movie has a record sales record? The simple thing is that those who are interested still pay and see the finished, not satisfied, they still rub and give a low score. And despite the denials, Venom will still attract audiences to theaters because they can not resist the curiosity of a dark superhero of Marvel.

Similarly, Western movie fans did not quite like Stagecoach (1939), A Fistful of Dollars (1964) or The Hateful Eight (2015), but these films are not bad. Perhaps, it is time to accept a super hero not only to save innocent people but also to eat live lobsters. This is a step towards diversity.

What do you think?

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