Marvel has revealed the Deadpool & Captain America crossover

deadpool captain america

Just like in the Cinematic Universe, Sam Wilson is also Captain America in the comics. He’s already been through a lot since the first time he picked up the Sentinel of Liberty shield. We have to go back to 2014 and that has been eight years. Many things have happened since then.

The former hero known as the Falcon was instrumental in the event of Secret Empire but has also been a part of various Avengers lineups. He has been a companion in arms of such important types as Thor or Nova. However, nothing prepared Captain America for the crossover that was just announced.

Marvel Comics has released the preview for Captain America: Symbol of Truth #2. In this new installment of the adventures of Sam Wilson, Captain America will search for Deadpool. The Merc with a Mouth has some really significant information about the Super Soldier Serum. Therefore, he interests the hero of the Stars and Stripes.

However, as we are used to, Deadpool’s life is not exactly calm and relaxed. Wade Wilson has been captured and imprisoned in Latveria, the famous kingdom located in Eastern Europe, and ruled with an iron fist by Doctor Death. Thus, the new Marvel crossover is not going to have a path of roses to consolidate.

We leave you a couple of images of the preview of number 2 of Captain America: Symbol of Truth. One of them is the cover and then several pages of the beginning of the comic:

Deadpool Captain AmericaDeadpool Captain AmericaDeadpool Captain America

What do you think of the idea of ​​bringing these two heroes together in the same story?

The history of Deadpool and Captain America in the past

The truth is that Deadpool has hardly had a relationship with Sam Wilson in the last decade. However, the history of the Merc with a Mouth and Captain America is quite extensive. With Steve Rogers, of course. Faithful Marvel readers surely know what we’re talking about.

Wade Wilson idolizes Steve Rogers. We could probably say that the classic Captain America is his favorite hero. In fact, in issue #31 of the Deadpool series (2017), it was revealed that the Merc with a Mouth signed up for the Weapon X Program—an evolution of the old Supersoldier Program—motivated by the Sentinel of Liberty storyline.

The opportunity to do a crossover between Deadpool and Captain America in the movies is now easier than ever. Sam Wilson has become the heir to Steve Rogers in the MCU and Ryan Reynolds’ Merc with a Mouth is about to be introduced into the .

We’ll see how the tandem of both characters works in the Marvel comics and, if there was a chance, maybe bringing them together on the big screen is a better idea than we thought.


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