Yuliett Torres stops Mexico City traffic with her beauty

Yuliett Torres generates even more traffic in Mexico City
Yuliett Torres generates even more traffic in Mexico City

The statuesque Mexican model Yuliett Torres was not afraid of the enormous traffic of Mexico City that is generated by Reforma Avenue, she helped to generate more after she began to take photos in the middle of the street and later share them on your social networks.

Under the teaching that the singer Daddy Yankee left him, “The street gives you, what a book does not teach you”, is that was encouraged to take some daring photos while many cars passed by centimeters and perhaps some other fan who he recognized her.

The also fitness girl was placed in the flowerpots that divide the street and it was with a quite striking pose because the images were taken from the front and Yuliett Torres decided to lift her legs to make the images more striking.

Yuliett Torres In Mexico City And Her Sessions | Geekybar
Yuliett Torres In Mexico City And Her Sessions | Photo: Instagram Yuliett Torres

In total there were about 5 photos where each one was raising the heat more by Yuliett Torres until finishing with a quite suggestive pose. That he did behind the lane where more cars passed to avoid an accident by someone who could lose his sight.

Only a few hours passed and his publications exceeded more than 142,270 reactions, a total success for Yuliett Torres and for whom he had the idea of ​​taking such daring images.

Yuliett Torres Raised The Temperature Of Mexico City Even More | Geekybar

Yuliett Torres, like other content generators on Instagram, live to the limit in the application because every so often their posts are passed little by little until they show a little more than expected, playing with a censorship on the part of the social network, but for now that has not been seen for Yuliett Torres something that his fans appreciate a lot.


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