Who is Sofía Reyes, the singer who was a partner of Ricky Montaner

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“The coincidences do not exist, the timing of the God and the life is perfect”
Sofía Reyes is a Mexican singer who reaps several reggaeton hits, and stands out as an important figure in the environment. However, many remember her for her love past with Ricky Montaner , the Venezuelan who is part of the duo Mau and Ricky .

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The artist dated the son of famous musician Ricardo Montaner for four years, from 2015 to 2019 . At that time, she became very established with “The Montaner clan” , the large family of which Camilo and Stefi Roitman are now part .

However, her fate as a music star has been sealed since she was very young. When she was 8 years old, her father discovered her talent and started writing songs with her. In the following time, the young woman learned to play the piano, sing and compose .

At 17, she moved to Los Angeles, United States, to fulfill another of her dreams, that of becoming an actress . In 2009 she got her first role, in a youth series, and two years later she was part of the female band TAO.

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Finally, in 2012 she left the group and began performing as a soloist. It was with her first single, ” So Beautiful, ” that her fame really began to take off.

Since then, it caused a sensation with the hits: ” 1,2,3 “, ” Muévelo ” and ” Chance “, among many others. And in several of them she collaborated with international artists such as Wisin , Pedro Capó and the American Jason De Rulo .

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About her relationship with Ricky Montaner, the singer confessed in a recent interview that she still sees him as a friend and that she considers him a very important person in her life.

“ He is a friend, who for life is going to be someone very, very important; him and the whole family , “said the Mexican. And then she added: “ I love him very much and I also admire him as a person and as an artist . And now, it was a very beautiful stage of my life, where I grew up and we shared many things ”.

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Currently, Sofía Reyes is in a relationship with the Spanish actor Alosian Vivancos , while the member of the duo Mau and Ricky is in a relationship with the Argentine host , Stefi Roitman , with whom she plans to marry next year.

Although time passed and they followed different paths, the singer also maintains her friendship with Evaluna , the sister of her ex-boyfriend, and with her partner, the musician Camilo .


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