Daniel Malnatti broke when he remembered his father in the March of the Stones

The journalist carried out the coverage and lamented his personal loss, he also told what he felt during the demonstration.

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“It exceeded me , I felt overwhelmed by what was happening to me, I felt very sad,” said Daniel Malnatti about the harsh coverage that he had to pass through in the “March of the Stones.”

Relatives of those killed by covid-19 in Argentina marched on Monday in her memory and protested against President Alberto Fernández for celebrating the first lady’s birthday last year when social gatherings were prohibited. The Telenoche journalist told how he felt when he participated in the protest in his role as a journalist.

“This is the most beautiful pebble I found, says Omar , my dad’s name. He was a good person. He always laughed, nothing to do with me. Last week was a year since his death, “he said moved during his report for Telenoche.

The journalist, who lost his father during the pandemic, commented: “I always think, and often dream, if my father thought that we had abandoned him because no one could ever explain to him what had happened.” And he told the worst and that is that his father “died alone “, as he himself recalled.

In dialogue with the radio station La Once Diez , the journalist recounted the hard moment he had to go through. “ It exceeded me, I felt overwhelmed by what was happening to me, I felt very sad, I had never felt sad , with all this last thing that happened to me I felt the victim of a lie, it could have been very different for many people “, said.

About his father, he said that none of his brothers could see him when he was hospitalized. “He was a good man, a good father, a good husband. He was optimistic . He always walked with a smile despite the difficulties that life presented him, which were not few. Nobody deserves to go alone , and he least of all, “said Malnatti.

Malnatti’s public release
The journalist took advantage of the TN website to express his feelings about what happened during the march and the feelings generated by the coverage.

Daniel Malnatti broke when he remembered his father in the March of the Stones
March of the Stones: in Mendoza they also paid tribute to those who died from coronavirus. Mariana Villa | The Andes

“Sometimes I dream that he wondered that in his bed. What was going on outside? Was it the apocalypse, a nuclear war, or everyone had already forgotten about it. When I wake up I reproach myself for not having done things differently. Have presented a judicial protection. Having fought with the Sanitarium. And I feel like an idiot for having believed ”, wrote the journalist.

“After everything that happened, I can say that the fault is not the quarantine , it is not the medicine, it is not the scientists, it is not the vaccine or the non-vaccine, it is not the political parties or the fans. It is not from Fabiola and not even from the pandemic ”, wrote Malnatti.

And he concluded: ” The fault is of the lie and of having meekly let ourselves be carried away by it.”

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Written by Leena Wadia

Linguist-translator by education. I have been working in the field of advertising journalism for over 9 years.


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