Maribel Guardia sets fire to the networks showing off her statuesque figure at 63 years of age

Maribel Guardia was always considered one of the most beautiful women in Mexico. Although the years pass, the star continues to impress with its curves. Recently, she shared an image on social media that raised the temperature.

Maribel Guardia 1 1
Maribel Guardia 1 1

At the end of the seventies, Maribel Guardia decided to go to Mexico to participate in the edition of Miss Universe. Although she did not manage to become the owner of the crown, her beauty caught the attention of many producers. As expected, she was invited to be part of different projects as an actress.

In this way, at the beginning of the eighties, she began to shine on the screen and became one of the most acclaimed stars of that time, which helped her win the hearts of the audience. In addition to conquering everyone with her talent, the interpreter also stole her looks for her beauty, something that she continues to do even today.

Maribel Guardia steals all eyes!

maribel guardia receives a covid vaccine and surprises with a5961167195242993406
maribel guardia receives a covid vaccine and surprises with a5961167195242993406

Unlike other celebrities, the star is usually very active on social media . Mostly, she is encouraged to share images of her day-to-day life: in this way, we see her doing different projects and also posing very beautiful in front of the cameras with high-voltage outfits.

In the last few hours, Maribel Guardia decided to steal the attention of her thousands of fans on Instagram with very sensual photos. Once again, the star shows that age does not mean anything and that one can always look sexy, beautiful and daring even at 63 years old. In this way, she was encouraged to show off her curves with a heart-stopping dress.

The actress wore a very small and tight dress that was characterized by being nude and revealing various parts of her body. This very sensual wardrobe is part of Lagunilla, Mi Barrio , a production in which she participates. Without a doubt, she fits like a ring on her finger and her followers were quick to let her know.

To complete this great look, the star decided to opt for high pointy shoes, which were the same color as the dress. And that was not all! She was also aware of her makeup and her hair, which she wore completely loose and with relaxed waves. Thus, she gave a fun and sassy vibe to her outfit.

Maribel Guardia Black hot
Maribel Guardia Black hot

“Simply gorgeous”, “The example of perfection”, “More beautiful every day”, “Like good wines”, “A real bonbon”, “You are a queen” and “Beautiful Goddess” were some of the compliments that his followers they wrote in the comments. Without a doubt, she was a successful and impressive image.

In addition to having thousands and thousands of comments, this photo by Maribel Guardia also garnered a significant number of likes: so far, it has received more than 27,000 “likes”, thus demonstrating that her fans have gone crazy with her curves. And beauty.

There is no doubt that the actress continues to be one of the most beautiful women today.

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