Verónica Perasso steals the attention of her followers with her sensual bikini

image 1 134
image 1 134

THE UNITED STATES. – This Thursday Verónica Perasso published 2 incredible snapshots on her Instagram account, causing a sensation among her millions of followers.

The model decided to take the photos herself with her camera, so in the first image, we can see her posing in front of a mirror while wearing a hot fabric bikini, allowing us to appreciate her impressive body.
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For the second photo, the American appears in profile, making us witnesses of her spectacular rearguard, leaving more than one of her 3 million followers breathless.

Verónica manages to surprise us with each publication she makes, since she has an enviable figure, so it is not a surprise that she enjoys enormous popularity on Instagram.

The influencer accompanied her post with a description in which we can read “What image does the kitten have, comment below if you find it”, to which many of her fans did not hesitate to respond.

Currently, Perasso’s publication has more than 145 thousand likes, in addition to having thousands of comments from his fans, who always send him their loving messages.


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