Adriana Fonseca impacts on social networks by covering her attributes with a towel

The Mexican actress dazzled her fans with her unmatched beauty.

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MEXICO.- Adriana Fonseca paralyzed social networks by appearing partially naked, covering her attributes with a towel.

The 42-year-old actress shared on Instagram a photo in which she is posing very flirtatious, wearing a white towel on her body and another on her hair, leaving hundreds of Internet users drooling.

“It’s all about attitude,” he wrote in the description of the post.

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Instagram @adrianafonsecaoficial
The post obtained almost 3,000 “likes” in a short time and received more than 70 comments from her fans who constantly compliment her.

Adriana Fonseca is a Mexican actress, who has a great acting career, since she has made several soap operas. From a young age, Fonseca has been involved in the world of entertainment, has been part of novels such as: “Small town, big hell”, “Droplet of love”, “La Usurpadora”, “Friends x always”, “Pretty woman”, “Against all odds”, “Under the reins of love”, “Brave heart” and more.


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