The model Yuliett Torres celebrates the triumph of the Atlas over Cruz Azul with sensual photos

Yuliett Torres did not miss the opportunity to celebrate the victory of the rojinegro team over Cruz Azul by posing with the Atlas jersey, which ignited social networks

1/1 The Model Yuliett Torres Allows Her Followers On Social Networks Photo Taken From Her Instagram
1/1 The model Yuliett Torres allows her followers on social networks Photo taken from her Instagram

This Saturday the Atlas had a lot to celebrate and that is that Cruz Azul defeated one of the candidates for the title but at the same time the model left them a gift on their social networks for having obtained the victory, something that the fans thanked.

After the final whistle of the Atlas match, the model and fitness Yuliett Torres published some photographs on her Instagram account where she is seen posing with the Atlas shirt, some uploads of everything but the joy of a victory was much greater.

In just a couple of hours these images were visited by thousands of people where even those who do not go to the Atlas were present. In a publication Yuliett asked that his friends be red and black.

Likewise, he recognized the effort of the city’s rival and that is because he left a message for the Chivas who also played this Saturday against the Tigres and who won 1-3 as a visitor, which was a reason for more celebration , “We go with all the tapatíos, “ the model wrote on her Instagram account.

Yuliett Torres Posing With The Atlas Jersey
Yuliett Torres Posing With The Atlas Jersey | Instagram Photo

Obviously the comments were immediate and there the love for a club was put aside when several said they would go to another club but at times they felt red and black before the gift that Yuliett had with her followers.

Some Users Claim That She Is An Americanist

“Everything you wear looks good on you; even the Atlas shirt”, “Not that you were going to America, and I await your surprise”, “In itself you are beautiful. Now with that shirt on you looked simply magnificent” and “I am #CHIVA at heart but surely you are from JALISCO chulada let’s go #Atlas”. 

In His Social Networks He Boasts His Great Physique

The Atlas team gave their second defeat to Cruz Azul so far in the tournament, with that victory they managed to leave the bottom of the table although they are still out of the qualification zone by 2 points. For its part, the other team from the city that went to Nuevo León to play their game reached 11 points and put it up to eighth place with the possibility of fighting for better positions.

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