The love story of Emilio Osorio and Karol Sevilla

During the middle of 2020 the rumors about the relationship of both artists became stronger and stronger.

The love story of Emilio Osorio and Karol Sevilla
The love story of Emilio Osorio and Karol Sevilla

The followers of Karol Sevilla and Emilio Osorio, two important figures in the entertainment world, were surprised after the love relationship between the two artists was confirmed. Although at first they were quite reserved, they did provide some clues that aroused the suspicions of their fans.

For her part, Karol Sevilla , upon her return from her trip to Colombia, was consulted on this issue but her response drew even more the attention of her followers. It should be noted that the actress was filming her new project for Disney in the coffee country.

” People know what they see, I found a partner and a real person whom they trusted a lot and missed, because we had stopped talking for a long time, and people will know what’s up, what is known is not asked “, express.

While Emilio Osorio , son of Niurka Marcos and producer Juan Osorio , was no stranger to this great question that thousands of network users and artists’ followers wanted to know in detail. He was approached by the press at the facilities of the Mexico City International Airport .

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I’ve always said it, Karol is a partner for a long time, since I met her she is impressive, she is a great person and that she shares those moments with me is very nice, ” said the actor with a laugh.


Half of the year 2020 was passing and the rumors about Karol and Emilio’s relationship grew stronger and stronger, especially since the two artists released the song “Un coro de amor” , a musical theme that would be part of the soundtrack. of the couple in the soap opera What happens to my family?

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For its part, Sevilla decided to resign the position to travel to Colombia and film a new project with Disney . But such a situation angered the producer and father of Emilio, Juan Osorio, who expressed his annoyance because Sevilla did not tell him anything about it, but decided to send an emissary.

Despite this, Daniela Ordaz was given the opportunity to be the leading actress in the soap opera.

On the other hand, long before the actress returned to Mexico after recording the series “Siempre fue yo” , the rumors of her relationship with Emilio were increasingly consistent due to a comment made by Yuri on the program ¿Who is the mask ?. There the singer said that Marcos was heartbroken due to his separation with Karol .

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However, at the end of June 2020 Karol and Emilio were seen together at Juan Osorio’s birthday dinner .


It was the couple themselves who came out to confirm these suspicions, giving way to a wave of reactions among the 13 million followers of Karol Sevilla and the million of Emilio Osorio .

This official announcement was made through TikTok and Instagram using short videos and it was Karol who shared a video with the phrase “You have me in love” .

This short video was republished by Emilio and due to that fact they received thousands of positive comments from the Internet community. In that TikTok video, the couple appear giving a romantic kiss on the roof of a building.

Osorio accompanied the video with the emoji of an otter, a symbol that the couple has used frequently when they comment on each other’s photos.

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