Sam and Hawk: the couple that the fans of Cobra Kai expect in the fourth season

In the series, Samantha has been paired three times with Kyler, Miguel and Robby.

samantha cobra kai scaled
samantha cobra kai scaled

The popular American series Cobra Kai comes 34 years after the events that took place in “Karate Kid”. In this sequel the characters of Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso appear again, played by William Zabka and Ralph Macchio, turned into adults; as well as other new talents such as Mary Mouser, who plays Daniel’s daughter, Samantha.

In the series, Samantha has been paired three times . During the first season, she begins to date Kyler (Joe Seo), until she realizes the error between their ways and decides to start a relationship with Miguel Díaz (Xolo Maridueña) . Unfortunately, the young man shows an aggressive character, so the young woman puts an end to the relationship.

After the breakup, Sam begins a courtship with Robby Keene (Tanner Buchanan ) but this does not last because Robby involuntarily paralyzes Miguel in a fight and is sent to a juvenile detention center. During this time, Sam and Miguel , who have already healed their wounds, decide not to ignore their feelings and give themselves another chance.

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Everything seems to indicate that the young people will continue with their dates during the fourth season, but the couple is not taken at all well by the viewers. Rather, audiences are hoping to see Samantha with another member of the Cobra Kai cast .


Through an interview, Mouser revealed that he knows fans’ desires to see his character dating Eli “Hawk” Moskowitz (Jacob Bertrand) . Although he does not agree with the request, he stated that he is very happy that the followers create couples that are not stipulated in the program:

“I guess we’ll see, you know what I mean. I have to keep it interesting. Always something new, “ the actress told Entertainment Weekly.

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In the same conversation, the 25-year-old interpreter said she was surprised when the character started dating Miguel , right after the event with Roby in season 3:

“Going into this season, I really wasn’t expecting what the writers had in store for us. I had the mindset that, you know, Samantha will take a year off dating at least. “

Likewise, he considers that his character is at the right moment to meet Miguel and finds that the two gallants represent different facets of Sam . “There’s the ‘I really want to be myself and you know, all the bad parts of me,’ and then there’s Robby being the best version of herself and that feels so good ,” Mouser noted.

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According to another interview with MEA WorldWide, the actress commented in August 2020 that her character: “ connects personally with Miguel, because he is representative of everything she was moving against in the first season. He was a kind and warm person who just had this big heart, they have this great connection to being just normal kids.”

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Cobra Kai, the fiction starring William Zapka and Ralph Macchio is a television phenomenon, has been nominated for an Emmy Award for Best Comedy Series.

But what makes it so successful? To explain this, the creators of the series, Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg and Josh Heald, have come to the fore to give their opinions. Among them, the creatives have pointed out that Netflix is ​​largely responsible for the triumph that fiction has achieved.

“We knew we had a magical show on our hands from the early days on YouTube ,” Heald told TheWrap. “We were delighted with the performance of the show as it competed with some of the greats, the other streaming platforms. But we knew there was a limit in terms of exposure and people’s willingness to sign up for a new streaming platform.”

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