Karol Sevilla is hospitalized in an emergency

The actress and singer shared in networks that she is in the hospital.

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MPEXICO.- Karol Sevilla was hospitalized in an emergency, because for a few days she was feeling poor health.

The 21-year-old singer shared through social networks that she was in the hospital because she has tonsillitis , so she had to be taken for a review.

According to the actress, she is hospitalized since they are doing some medical studies, however, she did not report on the seriousness of the matter but she looks very animated.
Karol Sevilla is hospitalized in an emergency
On the other hand, he celebrated that the video for his most recent single “No One Understands You” , which premiered on July 8, already has more than one million views on YouTube.
Karol Sevilla is hospitalized in an emergency
In the next hours of this Thursday, Seville will be evaluated to rule out any condition that could affect it.

Karol Sevilla is a Mexican actress, singer, businesswoman, model and presenter. Rose to fame for playing Luna Valente on the Disney Channel original series , “Soy Luna . “

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