The life story of Úrsula Corberó: from childhood with deficiencies to the sister who does not carry her last name for fear of what they will say

The star of La Casa de Papel has a family history that would be said to be the best of the series. Sacrifice, the fear to which they will say and a lot of love

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Úrsula Corberó

For some time now – Arrow could be named as the starting point – Úrsula Corberó gained worldwide notoriety. She managed to position herself as one of the most respected actresses in Europe, from projects carried out in her native Spain to later transcend and break borders.

With his growth, came the nominations for awards and the obtaining of several of them as a recognition of her efforts and dedication. Pampering to the soul that takes it as such. Several came to this part since 2017, in the period in which it gave life to Tokyo, in the acclaimed Iberian series.

Today, Chino Darín’s partner enjoys that longing for which she worked since she began to focus on acting. In the field, a very high percentage want to reach Hollywood, to belong to the mecca of cinema. Many describe them as touching the sky with their hands, and Úrsula managed to reach the top to look at everyone from above.

It was not easy for her, like everything in her life. But as happened in other aspects, here she did not lower her arms either. Because beyond her flawless career, if she had been able to make a name for herself, she had to audition, go to casting when she was summoned for Snake Eyer: GI Joe’s Origin, a film that premiered 3 months ago.

The movie about superheroes, in which she donned the Baroness costume, leaves the pleasant impression that moves her into a good position for what is to come. Everything indicates that it will continue along the same lines, carrying out projects of ever greater importance.

Chino Daris Mujerhoy
Úrsula Corberó And Her Boyfriend, Chino Darín

The beginning of acting took place in 2002, in the Mirall trencat series when Úrsula was only 13 years old. Two years later it was part of Ventdelplà, a Catalan novel. She quickly returned to series, which seem to be her place in the world, where she feels most comfortable.

She began to climb and in 2008 reached popularity with the series Physics and Chemistry. Here they had their first brush with distinguished awards, as a prelude to what happened almost a decade later with La Casa de Papel. Today she enjoys the honey of success, but her childhood and adolescence were something very different, much more traumatic, beyond the fact that she tried never to lose happiness.

Various shortcomings, especially of an economic nature, were the basis for her to value everything she has now that she is on the crest of the wave. Her gaze, her perspective, is from what she went to where she arrived.

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Úrsula Corberó And Esther, Her Mother (Photo: Instagram)

Although she does not usually give too many interviews, when she does, Úrsula Corberó does not leave aside her humble origins and those values that she carries with her, instilled from her parents. She never had a bed of roses and she spoke of that long ago, when she decided to open her heart to tell the world what family means to her.

On Instagram, they told her about the dream life of the vast majority of the actors. Those who manage to transcend have a moderately well-off life and with everything at hand. Some of this was commented to her and, upon reading it, the actress did not hesitate to relate her story of sacrifice.

About her beginnings, when everything was just a project and she did not know what the future was going to hold for her, she said: “We lived 62 kilometers from Barcelona and my mother had no car or (driving) license, we hitch hiked in town so that they would take us to the next town and there we would catch a train that would leave us in Barcelona. Then subway. The queues for publicity castings were hellish and for a year they didn’t catch me for any commercials, but whoever follows them gets it ”.

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Úrsula Corberó And Her Mother, When She Was Just A Baby (Photo: Instagram)

Corberó is a native of San Pedro de Vilamajor, a small town in Barcelona with just over 4 thousand inhabitants. They all know each other there and, as is often said of small towns, hell is great. By family mandate, she experienced this firsthand but always turned a deaf ear. Perhaps without realizing it in her first years of life, but understanding it when she was growing up.

The Corberó never had anything left over. Her father, Pedro, spent his whole life selling furniture made and restored by his own hands. He had his small workshop where he worked and what he was building he distributed to sell. The money that came in was not enough, and this made Esther Delgado, her mother, go out to work in order to have another source of income.

Úrsula’s need to study acting led her parents to get money from anywhere to make her dream come true. The only goal was for her to be happy, to be able to study, and not go to work early as the whole family did to change her luck without the possibility of choosing.

At that time, her mother went out to walk the streets, to look for whatever job it was. This led to her carrying out various tasks, such as corset, florist; she also sold mattresses and even worked fishing and cleaned houses. She did everything, and more for the happiness of her daughters.

Ursula Corbero With Parents
Úrsula Corbero With Her Parents, Pedro And Esther (Photo: Instagram)

Her parents worked all day, but when she told them about her desire to dedicate herself to acting, her mother had to unfold, without saying anything to her so that she would not lose her joy: “When I told her when I was six years old that I wanted to be an actress, she begged her boss to give her the afternoon off and told him to deduct it from her salary to take me to the castings ”.

Úrsula has an older sister. Her name is Mónica Delgado. They are daughters of the same father, but she has the mother’s last name because when she was born, Esther was a minor, with all that that meant in the town. “My mother got pregnant with my sister when she was 17 years old. When her tummy began to appear, she became the plague of the neighborhood, she was left without friends and even though she was a brilliant student, they threw her out of school because she was a bad example for the other girls ”.

At that time, the couple was separated. As if it were a script for a novel, Pedro and Esther were allowed to see each other more. The families broke up with the relationship, but not with the love story. Years later, when I had a choice, they frequented each other again. He proposed to her that the three of them go on a trip, with little Monica. They gathered euro for euro and, under the same roof, gave life to a romantic story, despite the need for scarce money.

Beyond it all, the family came forward, fighting the current to get over it. The efforts of Pedro and Esther today make Úrsula proud of what they gave her so that she could, after all, be one of the world stars, despite the fact that back then it could have gone wrong.

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