Clumsy, beautiful, evil, and powerful: the witches who cast a spell on the audience

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The witches on television are not as bad as they were portrayed in ancient times. We can mention SabrinaSamantha, and Serena to Maleficent. The power to move objects only with her nose or the protective fairy of the Swamps, with her long wings, who flies and takes revenge on Princess Aurora from her pain. Perhaps sorcerers are among the mortals, and perhaps many have not realized it.

Witches have been around since ancient times, at least in the imagination of great authors. Circes was a sorceress belonging to Greek mythology. Her powers were sensationally terrifying: her enemies were transformed into pigs. The Odyssey popularized its name through literature, and Homer immortalized it.

These supernatural beings transcend from the symbolism of their powers to the television personification that has been granted to them. In Celtic culture, they were respected women, due to their knowledge about nature, the world, the cosmos. And how are witches for some? Ugly, with pointed noses, malevolent laughter, deep-set eyes, and a hunched torso capable of frightening. And they fly!

Nobody wants them until they need their powers. Witches have always belonged to history, the arts, and have left their mark on the film world. The screen managed to soften the critical glances about the powerful sorceresses. Discover here which are the most remembered witches that television and cinema managed to immortalize.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch (1996)

Sabrina The Teenage Witch 1996 | Geekybar
Sabrina The Teenage Witch (1996)

One of the most loved and remembered witches of the ’90s. No one could resist her tender charms and innocence. Mischievous, jovial, and a bit clumsy, she had to learn to master her own magic potions.

Also, who would imagine that Salem would be a talking cat and not a “witch town”? That remembered an egocentric black cat that today reinvented itself into a meme and the protagonist of  stickers. He and Sabrina ( Melissa Joan Hart ) make a bad duo. But more than one, they get a laugh for their clumsiness.

The story inspired by Archi’s comics, Sabrina on her 16th birthday discovers that she is not a typical teenager. Her witch aunts, Hilda and Zelda, who are over 600 years old, had hidden magical secrets from her until she herself experiences some strange experiences with her powers ordered in Latin.

Matilda (1996)

Matilda | Geekybar
Matilda (1996)

Whoever says that they have not heard or spoken about it, would be condemned to see the movie more than a thousand times. Matilda, the unforgettable girl who through her telekinesis has very surprising supernatural powers, achieved the record of being the youngest witch on television.

Forgotten by her parents and her brother, the witch incarnated by Mara Wilson developed a unique, authentic, and independent personality, and takes refuge in the maternal arms of her teacher. But her revenge against Tronchatoro, the cruel principal of her school, for attacking her teacher; is an essential response from your intelligence.

Irony: it was one of the lowest grossing films of the 90s, but it is one of the most remembered and best accepted by critics. Its popularity is frequently reborn in the repetitions of television programs.

Bewitched (1964)

Bewitched 1964 | Geekybar
Bewitched (1964)

Samantha is the faithful representation of the witches of the ’60s. This timeless classic series of sorceresses is a not very noticeable example of social discrimination: witches could not mate with mortals. But, as these supernatural beings are, rebellion represents it chaotically. She is having an extraordinary honeymoon – with some matters getting out of control – and Samantha’s powers manage to reflect a brilliant touch of comedy with self-confidence.

Your neighbors will notice strange events, although they will assume that it is only a matter of their imagination. It is considered one of the longest series of the supernatural genre and, specifically, of witches. From this character, the taboo about witches was demystified.

Wizards of Waverly Place (2007)

Wizards Of Waverly Place 2007 | Geekybar
Wizards Of Waverly Place (2007)

A magic wand and powers to solve your teenage dramas? The wish of many! Here, an Italian-Mexican family must raise their children like other mortals, but what they never imagined is that different circumstance of their ‘puberty’ ages will cause some disasters: heartbreak, friends, and other difficulties could put their great secret. Going unnoticed will be a matter of tension and adrenaline.

Alex Russo Selena Gómez ), Justin ( David Henrie ), and Max ( Jake T. Austin ) although they eventually distance themselves, on several occasions must unite to return to normality. A Disney genius that many remember. So, it’s a confirmation that witches aren’t that bad.

Enchanted (2007)

Enchanted 2007 | Geekybar
Enchanted (2007)

In the fairytale land of Andalasia, the young and pretty Giselle frolics with her forest friends and falls in love with the handsome Prince Edward. Everything is going well until the character played by Amy Adams arrives at the castle to marry her prince charming, her evil stepmother sends the future princess to a place where there is no “happily ever after”: New York City. The cynical divorce lawyer Robert comes to her rescue, but the question remains: Can the protagonist find her way back to her true love?

Abracadabra (1993)

Abracadabra 1993. | Geekybar
Abracadabra (1993)

A classic that cannot be left aside on October 31. Abracadabra, the popular spell that has endured through the years, serves as the headline in one of Disney’s most remembered films. There where the myth of the skinny, haggard, and stubborn witches collapses.

In Salem, in the usual fate of television witches, phenomenal events take place that exceeds the ideals that everyone has ever had. Three witches wish to achieve immortality. This climactic film purely depicts the joyous and not-so-distorted spirit of witches. The ‘invincible’ trio of women carries overwhelming personalities like Winnie’s ( Bette Midler ), being an innate leader; Mary, clumsy ( Kathy Najimy ) and Sarah, attractive (  ). A sequel to this production has been confirmed and will be a reality.

According to the critics, it is probably one of the best performances of Sarah Jessica Parker, although the production of that time turned out to be in some bad taste due to abuses of effects. However, the narrative beats any criticism.

Always a witch (2019)

Always A Witch 2019 | Geekybar
Always A Witch (2019)

If Colombian magical realism could be visually exposed, perhaps this is the response of that imaginary. Fantasy genre that takes place in Cartagena, La Fantástica. From a first-person account, the story is told of a young witch – condemned to die at a stake like all witches – belonging to the seventeenth century, who travels to the future (to Cartagena, no less) with an exhausting mission: to save the man who loves, while destroying his rival, who hides a dark secret.

But Carmen Eguiluz’s ( Angely Gaviria ) powers could cause her more trouble than she anticipates. With two seasons (plus a possible third) you will discover hidden and ancestral stories of the Colombian Caribbean.

Maleficent (2014)

Maleficent 2014 | Geekybar
Maleficent (2014)

The mistress of evil under the masterful and superior performance of veteran Angelina Jolie. Heart, wings, and horns hardened and black as her soul. But deep down, she keeps a secret full of pain and resentment. Her mission, although it may seem otherwise, is to protect Princess Aurora from a distance. Constant internal shocks will lead her to confront herself until she discovers that only she is the only one capable of saving herself already protected. A demystified witch who broke barriers, both in ideals and at the box office with $ 758 million.



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