Stefi Roitman posed to the natural total and even China Suárez reacted

The driver captivated her followers, fresh from the pool.

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Stefi Roitman is one of the Argentine conductors with the greatest reach on social networks. While she continues with the preparations for her marriage to Ricky Montane r, and is in command of ” La Voz Argentina: el Volver,” she still saves time to pose for her Instagram, and this time even China Suárez reacted .

Currently, the actress is in one of the best moments of her life , both professionally and privately. In addition to hosting the “bonus track” of the Telefe reality show, he works a lot with its platforms and often collaborates with important brands .

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The Models That Stefi Presented In My Happy. Instagram

Meanwhile, he enjoys his relationship with the member of the duo Mau and Ricky , as well as the love and affection that the singer’s family gives him, which has even given him his place in ” The Montaner clan .”

But despite all her busyness, Stefi Roitman still has fun posing for her Instagram account, with the laid-back yet modern style she always does.

This time, the model posed “naturally” , fresh from the pool , without makeup and with wet hair. Playing with her hands, painted a delicate pink color, she showed off her face and her short blonde hair. As the only accessories, she used golden earrings and a small ring with a pearl.

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Instagram: @Stefroitman

Putting her artistic vision to work, the influencer decided to go further with one of her photos and also shared a black and white version , along with another that showed her face more closely . In both, details that had previously gone unnoticed were highlighted, such as their small freckles.

Quickly, the post surpassed 160 thousand likes and obtained hundreds of comments, both from its fans and important personalities of the show.

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Instagram: @Stefroitman

However, the compliment that most impacted was that of China Suárez , who left the influencer with two love faces under the photos, making it clear how captivated she had been by Stefi Roitman’s natural look.

Another compliment that stood out in the publication was that of Oriana Sabatini , who wrote: “ Por diosss ”.


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