OMG!! Here is the best Instagram photos of Erika Fernandez

Erika Fernandez is the new sensation of the Internet, having already accumulated 1.7 million followers and receives enough praise for her beauty

The best Instagram photos of Erika Fernandez
The best Instagram photos of Erika Fernandez

Mexico.- Although in Mexico the crown is Yanet García , the host of Fox Sports Erika Fernández is about to dethrone her with her beauty, charisma, personality and sensuality, stealing all the attention on social networks.

On Instagram , Erika is quite a sensation, where she becomes the center of attention with the best photographs. Whether traveling, eating, with friends, in a bathing suit, playing sports, or working, his photographs garner quite a few accolades.

Just by looking around her Instagram profile, you can see that she likes to be very active on social networks, always pampering her fans and showing how much she has achieved at 28 years old .

Instagram will load in the frontend.
Instagram will load in the frontend.
Instagram will load in the frontend.

For those who do not know her yet, Erika Fernández is a Fox Sports host born in 1985 in Cali, Colombia. After finishing school, she decided to study nursing in Miami, however, she ended up changing her profession and achieved a place in Fox Sport as a model, later becoming a driver, a role she currently plays.

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