Mariana Goldfarb answers fan about Cauã Reymond opposite the ex, Alinne Moraes: ‘I don’t care.’

The model talked to her followers in the stories and even praised her husband’s ex-girlfriend


Mariana Goldfarb started on Friday, 21/5, answering questions from her followers on various subjects, including those related to her husband, Cauã Reymond. Very full, lying in bed, she answered a follower who asked if it would be better for the actor to choose jobs that did not involve ex-girlfriends.

The actor will live a romantic couple with Alinne Moraes in “Um Lugar ao Sol”, a soap opera by TV Globo that will be shown at 9 pm. They dated between 2002 and 2005.

She confessed:

“I’m here very full to say that I don’t care. Work is work. Anyone who wants to do the wrong thing will do it outside of work, inside work, at lunch, whatever”.

The model also took the opportunity to praise Alinne Moraes:

“I even admire Alinne Moraes’ work a lot and I also think that they will be a success in this soap opera, crazy to watch.”

In the conversation with the followers, she also said that she wants three children and said that she met Cauã while swimming in a gym 13 years ago. “After a while, we found ourselves at work and much later we started a love story.”

What do you think?

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