Lizbeth Rodríguez loves her fans by dancing in skimpy lingerie.

Lizbeth Rodriguez 1
Lizbeth Rodriguez 1

Lizbeth Rodríguez left her thousands of fans open on Instagram, following a video where she appeared to dance.

The influent has grown quite popular at TikTok in recent months, where she takes her greatest dancing movements, so it is not surprising that she has more than nine million followers.

Lizbeth Rodriguez 2 | Geekybar

Lizbeth decided on this occasion to wear a sexy black dress that showed her incredible legs so she could catch all her followers’ gaze.

The founder decided to dance by Mista Jams in the rhythm “El Baile de Tao,” and she did not hesitate to descend down to the floor in a very sensuous way to move her great back.

The actress opted within her post to leave us with a question in which we could read “And how do you kill the worm” and many of her followers did not hesitate to react to that inquiry.

So far, Rodríguez’s recording has already exceeded 210,000 copies, in addition to her followers who never miss one of her dances.



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