Kenya flaunts her outstanding features in a shirt that leaves no room for interpretation.

Kenya Os
Kenya Os

Kenya showed her charms to her more than 10 million Instagram followers by wearing a blouse that left nothing to the imagination.

Keniaos 2 | Geekybar

The 22-year-old Sinaloa native posted a series of photos to promote her part of the Shein clothes store.

My house feels more lonely the more it pains… Visit the SHEIN app to witness behind-the-scenes footage and MelanKOs’ #KeniaOsxSHEINsquad! Also, enter to win a prize of 2000 MXN in SHEIN gift cards,” the influencer said in the caption of the photographs.

Keniaos 3 | Geekybar

Kenia Os was photographed wearing a white skirt and top combo, which she paired with fishnet tights, high socks, gloves, a variety of silver accessories, and boots.

The singer also applied cosmetics to accentuate her face and her unruly hair in order to get these photos.

Keniaos | Geekybar

Her post has received over a million “likes” and over 10,000 “Likes” from those who have appreciated her beauty.

“Omg! Some of the praises include, “You are one of the wonders of the world,” “the most beautiful in the country,” “queen,” “I love you,” and “lovely.”




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