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Lizbeth Rodriguez Will Make Her Film Debut With Vadhir Derbez Instagram

Real name: Lizbeth Rodríguez

Star from: Youtube

Wiki and Biography

Celebrities have become an everyday thing in recent years, and we are not just referring to celebrities who appear on television or in the media . In addition to this, it is also possible to find hundreds of YouTubers that offer quality content with the intention of attracting the public. And something remarkable is that a large part of them are women, who strive to show the best content on their channels.

A personality that has been sounding a lot in recent days is Lizbeth Rodríguez, who has been able to establish herself as one of the top celebrities in the world of social networks. Throughout her journey in the digital world, she has managed to gain several million followers on YouTube alone; being in this way, one of the most popular Mexican streamers of recent times.

Who is Lizbeth Rodríguez?

Lizbeth Rodríguez, is a famous YouTuber of Mexican origin, who is also a popular celebrity within social networks, was born in Tijuana, Mexico on May 22, 1994. In addition, she works with the production company Badabun, and is the main host of is; It is recognized in various parts of the world, mainly for conducting the program Exposing infidels.

Unfortunately, she did not have a very happy childhood, as she witnessed the bad behavior of her father, who treated her family badly. Lizbeth considers her grandmother to be like her second mother, since she spent much of her childhood with her to get away from her father’s bad attitudes. Since she was 9 years old, she had to take care of her little brother, who was 5 years old at the time, while her mother worked long hours to feed them.

From a very young age, Lizbeth Rodríguez wanted to study medicine or psychology, however, she felt a great attraction for art. Hence, she enrolled in some acting workshops that were held at her high school. She left home when she was 16 in order to improve her life and be a star. Although she faced some difficulties in the process, with the help of her friends she managed to get ahead.

Lizbeth started her YouTube channel in 2018, and in a short time, she managed to surpass 100,000 subscribers, then one million, and by the middle of 2021, she already had almost 9 million. However, its success has not only been reflected within YouTube. Instead of limiting himself to working within the video platform, she also has accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, where she receives support from fans.

Lizbeth Rodríguez’s beginnings on YouTube

Before fame, she was in some plays, and was an entertainer at some children’s parties, in which she dressed up as a Disney princess. Despite the fact that the themes of the show Exposing infidels have given her great fame, she says that the influence she is capable of generating in people is due to her social networks. It started on YouTube on May 28, 2018, and little by little, it has grown in fame, becoming one of the greatest exponents in the world of social networks.

Curiosities and more information about Lizbeth Rodríguez

  • One of her best known phrases is Hello friends, how are you, are you a couple? It became a meme on social media.
  • On one occasion, she was in a controversy with Turbo Plant.
  • During her high school theater career, she had the opportunity to play actresses and villains, and was awarded for it.
  • One of her favorite artists is Carmen Aristegui, since she is a woman who does not hide any injustice that happens in the country.
  • For various reasons, there are many people throughout Latin America who do not like Lizbeth Rodríguez at all, according to being one of the most controversial YouTubers.
  • Many have nicknamed her La Caballota.
  • He likes to know new places and enjoy unforgettable experiences.
  • She has a son whom she named Eros, and featured him on social media in August 2019.


She is 1.67 m tall


His body weight is approximately 59 kg

Friends and Couples

On one occasion, she had a relationship with actor Octavio Betancourt Ruiz. Lizbeth took the decisive step when she chose to steal a kiss from the artist in one of the videos they were doing, so they began their relationship in October 2018. There came a time when she was determined to marry him, but this the she hit badly, so they ended the relationship.

What YouTubers or Brands have you collaborated with?

It is worth noting that an important part of an influencer’s career is the way in which they capture people’s attention, as well as the quality of the content they publish. And in the case of Lizbeth Rodríguez, she is no exception. For example, she has collaborated with creators Kim Shantal and Carolina Díaz, when they were in Badabun. She has also done collaborations with YouTuber WindyGirkTV.

How does she describe her channel herself?

Despite the fact that Lizbeth Rodríguez is very popular and followed by people worldwide, there are many aspects that she prefers to reserve. For example, one of them has been the description of your channel. At the moment, it does not have any description that outlines or details the purpose of this means of dissemination. However, she has placed her social networks so that those who wish to follow her in the media in which she has made an appearance.

What are people googling about Lizbeth Rodríguez?

Among some of the most outstanding characteristics that people look for about Lizbeth Rodríguez, are aspects of her private life, her biography, if she has a boyfriend, how tall she is, among others. In this way, people can continue to enjoy the content they publish, at the same time they can know the details that define this influencer who has millions of followers.


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