Lili Reinhart is not willing to join this trend for this incredible reason

Lili Reinhart is not willing to join this trend for this incredible reason


Lili Reinhart is unwilling to join this trend for this incredible reason.

The 24-year-old American actress is not for nothing getting closer and closer to 30 million followers (she currently has 29.1), and is that in addition to being one of the stars of The CW show, ‘ Riverdale’ , the young woman is She stands out for her candid personality, which she always shows off through the coolest photos .

Perhaps it is for this reason that Lili Reinhart has decided to reveal that she is not willing to join a big trend for the most incredible reason.

The interpreter of Betty Cooper in the series inspired by the Archie Comics characters is, definitely, forever identified as looking to the nines like a fairytale princess, with her blonde hair, simple makeup and short nails in light tones.

Likewise, when Lili opts for more revealing looks, the young woman always manages to look super elegant.

… And it seems that this is not something that will change anytime soon.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

Well, although Lili Reinhart has questioned making a seemingly small change, the artist seems to have decided that this trend is not too worth it.

The reason? How much it would change her!

“”I feel like my whole personality would change if I did long acrylic nails,”” said Lili Reinhart from her Twitter account, a space that she takes advantage of to give her opinions without filter and be even more open to her biggest fans.

Do you think Lili would look extremely different with long acrylic nails? We do, now that we have the image in mind.

However, this change would not be bad either and Shannon Purser, actress of ‘ Stranger Things’ and ‘ Sierra Burgess Is A Loser’ thinks the same:

“”Bro, do it. The power [that long nails] have, “”wrote the young woman, to which writer Madeline Hill responded with:”” TOO MUCH. CAN””.


These are the best photos of Lili Reinhart

Would you like to see Lili Reinhart with long acrylic nails? What do you think the simple young woman would look like?

Let us know in the comment section!

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