Like a mermaid! Paola Pliego looks spectacular from the beach

Mexican fencer Paola Pliego wore her spectacular figure from the beach, stealing the hearts of her followers on social networks

Like A Mermaid Paola Pliego Looks Spectacular From The Beach.

The fencer Paola Pliego has become a sensation on social networks thanks to her charisma and beauty, which shows in each of her publications that she has captivated her followers.

Paola Pliego, a Mexican fencer who after some problems with Conade has decided to represent Uzbekistan, is considered one of the best in the world in her discipline and in social networks she continues to leave good feelings.

Although the young woman who is dedicated to foil, she is not very active in social networks sharing images every day, but when she does, she raises the passions thanks to her beauty, in addition to her beautiful figure that she has shown on different occasions in a swimsuit.

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On this occasion we will remember the day when Pliego looked like a mermaid from the beaches of Plage de la Grande Anse, Guadeloupe, showing off her spectacular figure in a bathing suit on a rock, leaving her followers speechless.

Paola Pliegos Publication On Instagram
Paola Pliego’S Publication On Instagram / @ Paolapliego

“Lost in paradise,” wrote the fencer wearing a two-piece swimsuit, receiving the sea breeze and dipping her feet on a rock in the water, from where she showed her beautiful figure, delighting her more than 45 thousand followers.

Paola Pliego has been characterized by sharing part of her daily life on social networks, in addition to dazzling her fans with her days off where she has shown her beautiful figure even in a bathing suit, as well as her work in fencing.

Paola Pliego Showing Off Her Beautiful Figure From The Beach
Paola Pliego Showing Off Her Beautiful Figure From The Beach / @ Paolapliego


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