In a micro swimsuit, on Instagram Alejandra Pinzón shows what a Colombian is

The actress and model accelerated the heartbeat of her admirers by posing with a tiny bikini that was lost among her charms, looking spectacular

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In a micro swimsuit, on Instagram Alejandra Pinzón shows what a Colombian is. Instagram photo Alejandra Pinzón

There is no doubt that there are countries that have a well-earned fame for having such beautiful women and to make it even clearer, Alejandra Pinzón showed what a full-fledged Colombian is , with a daring string swimsuit, to accelerate the pulsations of her admirers around the world.

The actress who gave life to Paola in the Telemundo series “Without breasts there is no paradise”, made her followers drool on networks by sharing an image in which she shows off her charms in a micro swimsuit that she leaves in plain sight her huge cheeks and her statuesque curves.

Alejandra Pinzón on Instagram left practically nothing to the imagination and with the spectacular swimsuit she showed that she is a Colombian in every sense of the word, because this nation is known worldwide for having some of the most beautiful women on the planet.

Exuberant and beautiful, the television presenter shared with her more than a million followers on Instagram an image in which she exhibits her attributes with a tiny two-piece swimsuit that barely covers what is necessary, but allows you to appreciate her toned legs and her round rearguard, because the bikini is made of thread and is among its charms.

Standing on her back and giving her best profile, Alejandra Pinzón rests her arms on the wall and gives a taste of her incredible silhouette and shows her tiny waist, barely perceptible by the position of the pose, while one of the arms covers her front charms .

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The Colombian actress and dancer brings together all the characteristics that distinguish beautiful Colombian women with the image, which she only titled “Luz Alejandra”, as is her full name, and she let her fans do the rest in the comments, where they put His admiration for the artist manifested.

“Precious”, “Wow! What great beauty, spectacular ”,“ Secuéstrame ”,“ Mamacita! ”,“ Uyy, Alejandra pana, you go over there ”,“ That body is an invitation to sin ”,“ Divine, precious, beautiful, all a goddess, woman beautiful of this world, do you want to be my girlfriend? ”,“ I have always been your fan, it is that you are simply pure perfection, incomparable ”,“ Uff, what level ”,“ This woman is perfect ”, were some of the reactions that Alejandra Pinzón achieved .

The actress from Santiago de Cali, Colombia, often causes these effects among her fans, who have fallen in love with her beauty since she made her television debut in the soap opera “Dos mujeres” in 1997.

Alejandra Pinzón has not only stood out in melodramas, she has also made films and ventured into the world of modeling, however, her greatest success came in 2008 when she played Paola Pizarro in “Sin sinos no hay paraíso”, a character with whom gained international fame.

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