Kim Kardashian can not believe the embarrassing detail she showed on the beach

Kim Kardashian

Despite not being a hot day, Kim Kardashian decided to go to the beach accompanied by some friends, but never imagined that an awkward moment would happen and that photographers would portray that action. Kanye West’s wife knew how to solve the impasse quickly.

It is known the intrepid fame that has the American celebrity Kim Kardashian and she knows very well the way to take advantage of it. On several occasions, the older sister of Kylie Jenner, has indicated that it takes many hours of the day to perform exercises to have a toned body.Kim Kardashian Can Not Believe The Embarrassing Detail She Showed On The Beach 4

Although the wife of Kanye West has not shown discomfort to have the paparazzi all the time following in his footsteps and settled around his house has indicated that he does not like to attend places where many people attend, because of this he performs his series of exercises in his garage, but he decided to innovate a little and he went with some friends to a beach near his house to do a yoga session.

Kim Kardashian Can Not Believe The Embarrassing Detail She Showed On The Beach 1

After the females trotted along the shore of the beach, they started the first exercises of the day and in the middle of the routine Kim Kardashian suffered a fact that could be considered embarrassing because it is rarely mentioned.

Kim Kardashian Can Not Believe The Embarrassing Detail She Showed On The Beach 3

It happens that at one point the bottom of his bathing suit was misplaced after he took off his shorts. It was seen that Kim did not give much importance to the matter and quickly settled the fabric and continued the session with her friends.


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