Kim Flores, wife of Edwin Luna, opens her OnlyFans

With a provocative video, Edwin Luna’s wife, Kimberly Flores, surprised her followers, who already has an account on OnlyFans

Kim Flores 2

Fans of Kimberly flowers, known wife of Edwin moon, they are hallucinating. The model made a surprising announcement on Instagram, where she shared a video in which she has been seen wearing dental floss, transparent lingerie and everything to advertise her OnlyFans. Along with this production he left the following message: “Hello, I have a very exclusive surprise for you, if you want to know what it is about, I leave the link of my ONLY FANS profile, so that you can subscribe.

Kimberly Flores joins the growing list of celebrities who dared to open their profile on OnlyFans, a platform that, although it stores all kinds of content, has gained great popularity for its focus on adult entertainment.

Anyway, in this subscription service, figures from the artistic environment stand out such as Yanet García, the weather girl of the Hoy program, and María Levy, to name a few, to whom the Guatemalan model is already competing with daring sessions.

It was through her official Instagram account that the also proud singer made the announcement with a series of photographs and videos in which she wore stunning lingerie with which she left little to the imagination.

“Hello, I have a very exclusive surprise for you, if you want to know what it is about, I leave you the link of my ONLY FANS profile so that you can subscribe. ‘People always speak without foundation … I let them continue talking'” wrote Edwin Luna’s wife.

He also added: “People always talk baselessly … I let them keep talking.” He announced that the video shared on Instagram is not complete, to see everything they will have to enter his page: “See the complete video on Onlyfans.”

Instagram will load in the frontend.
Although with the last sentence, Kimberly Flores wanted to anticipate the criticism, the truth is that the comment box was filled with messages in which she was filled with compliments and applauded her decision to show off the spectacular figure she has.
The leader of ‘La Trakalosa de Monterrey’ also appeared among the thread of comments that triggered the announcement of Kimberly Flores with messages of support for his wife: “Super, I love you my life.”
However, given the controversy that Flores’ debut on the popular platform unleashed, Edwin Luna shared through his Instagram stories a recording in which he joked – or not – with opening his own profile.
Instagram will load in the frontend.
“Do I open my OnlyFans or do you not want to see miseries?”, He said in a video, while in a later one he regretted and assured that he would be in serious trouble during the photo session: “Everyone wants me to open my OnlyFans why nothing plus you. Then I’m going to have to take a photo like that from far away. I’m going to take a photo like the one I took in Oaxaca that showed me the peach. “


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