Andrea Escalona stands in a swimsuit in profile, showcasing her stunning form.

Andrea Escalona 1
Andrea Escalona 1

Andrea Escalona decided to share three images of himself in a swimming suit with his followers, capturing everyone’s attention.

The presenter is photographed in profile, wearing a sun hat and, of course, her lovely bikini, which reveals her amazing body.

Andrea switches sides for the second photo but continues in the same posture, only this time she rests her shapely left leg on a stone turtle.

Andrea Escalona | Geekybar

Finally, the driver emerges in a similar stance to the first, her head slightly back and a lovely smile on her face.

“Proudly from Villa de Carbon #casaDeCampo #laCasaDeLosAbuelos #casaDeLasHadas how is your Sunday going?” the actress writes in her description. @calvinklein, thank you for my suit and all the other items you constantly send me, I adore you @pechumx.”

Escalona’s post has already received over 90,000 likes, as well as hundreds of comments from his adoring admirers who never fail to appreciate him.



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