VIRAL VIDEO: Little dog sits down to eat with her whole family at lunchtime

There are people who take very seriously that the pet is also part of the family.

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USA. – Without a doubt, the dogs are able to gain the recognition of being a member of the family , since few people can resist their great charms.

There are people who take very seriously that the pet is also part of the family, such is the case of the protagonists of the video that is presented below.

In the recording we can see the puppy right at lunchtime , sharing the table with his family, as if he were one of the couple’s children.

The “tenderloin” appears eating different dishes within its place at the table , and of course, when birthday could not be the exception, since in many occasions it occupies the main place.

Ollie , the pet’s name, is often the first to sit up, and when there doesn’t seem to be much movement, he even tries to get the attention of any of the family members.

Inside the comment box, many Internet users have expressed the enormous tenderness that Ollie has made them feel, since it is not so common to see a “pooch” eat with their owners every day.

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