Larissa Riquelme sweetens social networks with beautiful light-toned clothing

The beautiful Paraguayan presenter looked so elegant in the streets by wearing a pink sweater and white trousers

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Asunción, Paraguay.- Larissa Riquelme, beautiful and charming Paraguayan model and presenter left her one and a half million followers with a square eye on her social profile, Instagram, after dressing in a way full of elegance and sweetness, with clothes in shades clear.

The Hottest Fotos of Larissa Riquelme detailed her beautiful hot figure by wearing a pink sweatshirt, combined with dark boots and white pants. Just as her beautiful outfits captivated her fans, her poses did even more, since Larissa Riquelme maintains a statuesque figure and that makes her an attractive and extremely beautiful lady.

Found on the sidewalk, she got out of her car with her best friend who is not visible on the fotos and caused a fire on the Instagram followers  after her Hot fotos and  video that appear on her social media, where her sweet full lips and feet and her incredible eyes earned the sycophantic messages of her audience.

“Beauty begins when you decide to be yourself. We give a magic touch to the lips. A pink tone (Rosa),” the South American wrote in her post on her social network, where several of the messages from her followers described her as all a queen full of beauty.

Her cute personality and her love for modeling allowed Larissa to return to television and together with her partner, Enrique Pavón, they have started a new project in the Paraguayan sports network smstrece. His way of driving and cheering up the audience generates a high rating and of course messages of pleasure for the lady.

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Living her best moments as a model and lover of life, Larissa Riquelme hopes to continue knowing the best places in her country and of course traveling to new directions in the old continent, so that her unique personality and her beautiful figure will steal the hearts of the people. She is a lovely lady and the whole world knows it.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

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Written by Leena Wadia

Linguist-translator by education. I have been working in the field of advertising journalism for over 9 years.


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