Irina Baeva : what the actress was doing when she arrived in Mexico to study

So were the studies of the model as exhausting as the routine to have an optimal physique.


Irina Baev come to Mexico to realize his dream of becoming an actress. However, before she had to go through a series of challenges to achieve it, which cost her more to come from abroad. The Russian artist told about what she had to do to achieve her goal and become one of the most popular celebrities in the country. There are some customs that, now, I would not recommend to anyone.

To start on her way, Baeva enrolled at the Televisa Artistic Education Center (CEA), taking all the risks that this entailed: such as the language, the culture, and the different approaches of the educational system, compared to that of her country. native.

“It was challenging because I had to study totally in Spanish and the system is completely different from schools in Russia,” he told a local media outlet.

He added that the study routine was very complicated because it was almost 12 hours a day and they had to find hours to do homework, read, go to the gym and rehearse scenes.

Irina Baeva told about her study and eating routine when she was studying in Mexico. (Photo: Irina Baeva / Instagram)
Irina Baeva told about her study and eating routine when she was studying in Mexico. (Photo: Irina Baeva / Instagram)


Irina Baeva said that, for the CEA presentations, she took her body to the limit with a very rigorous diet.

“I ate pure rice with breast without salt or pepper and days before the presentation I drank distilled water from the one used for the plates,” he explained.

Then, she added that “in the days of the body, for example, we all wanted to look very good, so we got up very early to go to the gym and really want to exercise.

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The 28-year-old model has a romantic relationship with Mexican actor Gabriel Soto, with whom she dreams of having a future family, according to Baeva.

Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto fell in love on the set of “ Vino el amor ”, a telenovela in which they shared roles.

Soto, at that time, was married to Geraldine Bazán, from whom he was going to separate, but the confirmation of his relationship with Irina was a bomb in Mexico.

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