Irina Baeva shows her steel abdomen and her waist

The actress surprised by posting a photo of her enjoying the beautiful beach in Acapulco.

irina 1.jpeg 851672003
irina 1.jpeg 851672003

MEXICO.- Irina Baeva gave an eye check to her social media fans, showing off her wasp waist and flat abdomen.

The 28-year-old actress shared a photo on her Instagram in which she is wearing a green bikini top and beige pants.

“Fridays in the wild,” she wrote in the description of the post.


Irina Baeva shows her steel abdomen and her waist

In a short time, the post obtained almost 40 thousand “likes” , but, it had few comments since it has that restricted option.

Irina Baeva, is a Russian actress and model based in Mexico, has participated in soap operas such as “Vino el amor”, “Soltero con hijas”, “Pasión y poder”, among others.

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