Internet users made a list of the friendliest countries (and here you will find the top 10)

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Would you like to live, work or study in another country? Or maybe you yearn to go to the other side of the world, but are you afraid of the unknown? InterNations, the largest community of people living and working abroad, has qualified countries where it will be easier to adapt to a foreigner.

Evaluation criteria

The InterNations team developed a ranking based on a survey of 13,000 members of their community. All of them are representatives from 188 countries. Participants in this study were asked to describe the local inhabitants, and as a result, 3 criteria were identified to follow: the friendly attitude towards expatriates (and travelers), how easy it is to make new friends, and the desire for Immigrants to stay in that country forever.

It is curious that, among the top 25, we do not find such popular destinations as France (number 55), Italy (41), and Greece (32). The Scandinavian countries, which are considered the happiest in the world, were in the fifth decade.

10. Canada

  • Willing to stay forever: 45%
  • Friendly attitude with expatriates: 81%
  • Ease to meet new people: 43%

Canadians are considered very friendly people, without prejudice and with a high level of tolerance. 35 million people are living in this country and the places of interest to visit do not pass through Vancouver alone. Tourists will enjoy Niagara Falls, Montreal’s Notre-Dame Basilica, and seasonal hockey games. You can also enjoy the Science World museum: it has six exhibitions with interactive exhibits inside (you can even experiment with some!).

9. Vietnam

  • Willing to stay forever: 16%
  • Friendly attitude with expatriates: 83%
  • Ease to meet new people: 56%

In addition to the pleasant weather (the thermometer rarely marks temperatures below 15 ° C), the country is safe. When going to Vietnam, special care must be taken with the roads: local people are reluctant to comply with traffic regulations, so accidents are one of the leading causes of death among young people. Of the places of interest, we can highlight underground labyrinths, religious buildings (both pagodas and Catholic churches), ancient citadels, and tombs.

8. Colombia

  • Willing to stay forever: 33%
  • Friendly attitude with expatriates: 87%
  • Ease to meet new people: 62%

In the minds of many, Colombia is associated with a high crime rate and drug trafficking. However, most of the country is quite suitable for travel. Colombians love and respect their national music and, with pleasure, show it to their visitors. And there are also several natural parks, the port city of Cartagena with well-preserved medieval architecture and streets with an enormous spirit.

7. Oman

  • Willing to stay forever: 12%
  • Friendly attitude with expatriates: 86%
  • Ease to meet new people: 60%

It is not the most popular and usual destination among tourists. However, the sultanate authorities actively participate in increasing their fame: every year, more and more travelers visit this country. Here there is much to see for lovers of antiques, nature explorers (you can even visit a real cave), as well as for those who are accustomed to spending a good holiday at the beach. By the way, Oman is characterized by having liberal laws regarding women.

6. Costa Rica

  • Willing to stay forever: 48%
  • Friendly attitude with expatriates: 87%
  • Ease to meet new people: 78%

Costa Rica attracts, not so much for its historical past as for its picturesque landscapes, beaches, jungles, and volcanoes. The country has 28 national parks, three of which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It will be an interesting country also for those who prefer urban tourism and admire the architectural beauties.

5. Bahrain

  • Willing to stay forever: 11%
  • Friendly attitude with expatriates: 86%
  • Ease to meet new people: 55%

Another Muslim and island state on the list. Cities grow in the middle of the desert and history and modernity blend in architecture and culture. It’s easy to get your bearings, even if you don’t speak Arabic, since English is widely spoken. By the way, the country has a very low crime rate.

4. Cambodia

  • Willing to stay forever: 23%
  • Friendly attitude with expatriates: 92%
  • Ease to meet new people: 59%

The favorite place to spend the winter of the freelancers did not occupy any of the first three places. Khmer people express themselves fluently in English and French and the smile plays an important role in communication. If you want to sunbathe on the sand, near the sea, go to Sihanoukville. Do you prefer excursion-based tourism? Welcome to Nom Pen: museums, palaces, and temples at your service.

3. Mexico

  • Willing to stay forever: 39%
  • Friendly attitude with expatriates: 87%
  • Ease to meet new people: 73%

Mexicans can speak English, although they communicate much better in Spanish. The indigenous will be a bit more complicated to understand: they speak a mixture of Castilian and languages native place. Although, in this type of case, passers-by, gladly, help the explanation. Among its attractions, the ruins, Aztec and Mayan pyramids, colorful festivals and Catholic churches stand out. When you go to try the local cuisine, go with caution: spicy dishes are generally not adapted for foreigners.

2. Taiwan

  • Willing to stay forever: 30%
  • Friendly attitude with expatriates: 86%
  • Ease to meet new people: 61%

There are few old buildings in Taipei and, along with those that are still preserved, skyscrapers coexist. Tourists are advised to visit the local zoo, founded in 1914 and covering an area of ​​160 hectares. You can also visit the night markets or enjoy nature in reserves and natural parks.

1. Portugal

  • Willing to stay forever: 47%
  • Friendly attitude with expatriates: 94%
  • Ease to meet new people: 58%

Tourists often overlook Portugal, traveling to neighboring Spain or Italy. And in vain: not only is it the only European country in the top ten, but it also has an excellent climate that allows you to enjoy a vacation at any time of the year. It has a developed infrastructure, many small tourist cities, centuries-old fortresses, and a kitchen capable of satisfying the most sophisticated gourmets.

Which of the countries you have visited have you found the most friendly and why?

What do you think?

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