Flor Vigna and a shocking deep-cut orange bikini: her wardrobe for the ballroom samba

The dancer showed up close the details of the outfit chosen to show off on the Showmatch floor this Thursday.

The Dancer Showed Up Close The Details Of The Outfit Chosen To Show Off On The Showmatch Floor This Thursday.

Flor Vigna continues to dazzle on the “Showmatch La Academia ” track, where she opened the track this Thursday. The dancer and her dance partner, the highly consecrated Facundo Mazzei , left it again in everything, this time, in the ballroom samba, a premiere rhythm in the contest.


On this occasion, the theme chosen to carry out the performance was “L-Gante RKT” , by L-Gante and Papu DJ, which encouraged all the spectators who were in the studio. The interpretation of the couple began in a very particular way, with both of them on the jury table , who are always enthusiastic about the proposal of this team.


Her strident orange tailed , super-cut bikini set caught all eyes. After the performance, Ángel de Brito asked her if she was comfortable with her clothes, to which the young woman answered bluntly: “Yes, but I’m always afraid that a tit will escape ,” causing laughter from those present.

In just over 12 hours, the publication accumulated more than 600 thousand reproductions, plus thousands of likes and comments. Even L-Ghent himself celebrated the dancer’s post with emojis.


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