Agus Agazzani posed without clothes next to a man and turned on Instagram

The model participated in a very playful production that caught all eyes.

The Model Participated In A Very Playful Production That Caught All Eyes.

Model, actress, host, entrepreneur. All those titles fit her well and she’s comfortable with them. Agustina Agazzani is in a wonderful stage and she does not stop. The model makes good use of her networks to show her different facets that, sometimes, impact more than one.

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Agustina Agazzani And A Shocking Outfit. (Photo: Instagram)

This was the case with his last post on Instagram, where he has more than half a million followers. The image shows her in a super-played photo production , in which she posed completely naked with a young man – her colleague – also as God brought him into the world.

In the image, Lucas Sapoznik, model and acrobat, appears lying face down on the floor, and so does Agus, but on the boy’s back. ” Also bare your mind a little bit , put your complexes next to your clothes,” wrote the brunette.

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“I wish everyone had the luck to share even five minutes with you to see how wonderful you are in every way. I love you ”, commented in the post Samuel Ganem, who was in charge of the work carried out by Agazzani and Sapoznik.

For his part, the production stylist published a reel of the work done, where very sensual and suggestive poses are observed. ” The body is meant to be seen , not to be all covered,” wrote the professional.


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