Demi Rose shows off great charms as a queen in golden attire

Demi Rose 2 e1642061112276
Demi Rose 2 e1642061112276

The beautiful and famous model continues to share photos from Black Rock City, where she has experienced the best Burning Man Festival of her life

Once again the beautiful British model , Demi Rose , was sharing with us one more costume that she used at the Burning Man festival , an event that was held in Black Rock City, Nevada.

This time it is a completely golden outfit, she is also wearing a crown of what appears to be a Hindu queen , a cape, a corset that simulates armor and some other accessories that made her look like a queen.

Her fans quickly took the position of shouting “Queen!”, all excited to see her in this way, without a doubt a very interesting aspect that shows us how much she loves being able to create these characters that are remembered by her fans for years.

demi rose en sesion de fotos en venice beach7411704985832906477
demi rose en sesion de fotos en venice beach7411704985832906477

This event was expected by the Influencer during these last years, thanks to the world situation they had not been possible and she could not attend, but it is a pleasure to be able to return and share with us this pleasant experience.

The likes began to pour in quickly and more than 114,000 were gathered, as well as interns who were sharing entertainment with their contacts so that more people could enjoy it.

This is how the content creator also shows us her commitment to her fans, she is always thinking of them, no matter if she is on vacation or enjoying some free time, she is always thinking about how to generate interesting content so that they have a good time. good time on their screens with her, accompanying her even through her cell phone.


Demi Rose will continue to enjoy these days in which she also had the opportunity to witness a wedding, love is something that attracts her a lot of attention and that is why she also decided to share these moments with us, as well as other fun and mystical events, everything that she likes.

This trip is part of his celebration, but it is also practically a fact that as soon as he reaches this record, he will be celebrating it with another impressive session.

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