Dania Méndez creates a stir on Instagram by displaying a tight bikini on her knees.

Dania Mendez
Dania Mendez

Dania Méndez managed to leave her followers speechless when she shared five photos of herself in an unexpected bikini.

The influencer is shown on her knees in the first shot, wearing a stunning bikini that wonderfully showcases her excellent charms while revealing her defined tummy.

The socialite pulls her long hair back while gently opening her mouth in the second shot, squandering all her sexiness and leaving more than one breathless.

The third photograph is identical to the previous two, only Dania is sending a kiss, which many of her followers have attempted to award.

Finally, the renowned one appears in the last two pictures with her lover, L orduy, vocalist of the famous group Piso 21, expressing her undying love.

Méndez’s post has so far received over 207 thousand likes and hundreds of comments from his adoring admirers, who haven’t stopped admiring his fantastic body.



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